Cape Clogs - Orthopedic Fancy Clogs in Bold Colors & Prints

Cape Clogs

Orthopedic and in Fun Prints and Colors to Wear Comfortably for Long Hours on Your Feet - These Clogs Are Made in Sweden 
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Fancy Clogs
Are Perfect For Jazzing Up Your Medical Scrubs

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A Pair of Hearts - Silver Hearts Nursing Clogs by Cape Clogs.
A Waterlily Pattern Flowered Clog Print by Cape Clogs.
Autism Puzzle Clog. Adult and Kids.
Bavarian Brown Semi-Soft Closed Back Clogs.
Beautiful Butterfly Clogs by Cape Clogs
Black Patent Leather Clog. Cape Clogs.
Black Rose Petal Semi-Soft Closed Back Clogs.
Brown Nubuck Clog.
Cityscape Fancy Clog. Cape Clogs.
Dots Clog. Fancy and fun! Cape Clogs.
Fantasy Clog. Cape Clogs.
Gerber Daisy Clogs. Cape Clogs.
Green Semi-Soft Closed Back Clogs.
Hydrangea Fancy Clog.
Jet Black Solid Clog by Cape Clogs
Leopard Print Clog. Cape Clogs.
Lollipop Clog. Fun and Fancy Clog.
MacIntosh Clog. Cape Clogs.
Marina Blue Nursing Clog. Cape Clogs.
Midnight Wooley Orthopedic Clogs by Cape Clogs
Ovarian Butterfly Clog. Cape Clogs
Patriotic Freedom Clogs
Peony Fancy Clog. Cape Clogs.
Phlox Fancy Flower Occupational Clogs by Cape Clogs
Pink Ribbon Clog. Cape Clogs.
Pink Solid Clog. Cape Clogs.
Ruby Red Semi-Soft Closed Back Clogs.
Semi Soft Cape Clog. Black with Flower Print.
Semi Soft Cape Clog. White With Flower Print.
Skulls - Mens Clog. Cape Clogs.
Skulls Womens Clog. Cape Clogs.
Solid White with Braid. Cape Clogs.
Sunflower Print Clogs. Cape Clogs.
Tulips and More Nursing Clogs Semi Soft by Cape Clogs
Twin Flower Clog. Cape Clogs.
Vintage Orthopedic Nursing Clog.
Wild Flower Clog. Cape Clogs.
Wooly Clogs. Cape Clogs.
Zebra Print Clogs. Cape Clogs.
Zen Blossom Fancy Clog.
Testimonial ~ To date, I own 6 pairs of Cape Clogs. When I saw this new design, I decided this would be my "going back to school" pair. I am a preschool teacher. I searched all over the internet to find the best price and I found it here on the Fancy Scrubs website. The package arrived quickly and these clogs do not disappoint! They are awork of art that even Monet would enjoy! If you have not worn Cape Clogs before, you might want to know that these are made out of a solid wood sole. I have heard others say this is not comfortable, but I feel they are very comfortable and offer a good deal of support. I just love them! - Jeanne 9/7/12

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