Clogs to last a long time - Made in Sweden
Clog Care

Clog Care

Clog Sizes:

It is recommended that all American half sizes go up to the next 1/2 size. Heel height on Cape Clogs are 1 3/4".

Caring For Your Clogs Instructions: Cape Cod Clogs can last you a lifetime with proper care:

* They will last longer if you do not use them every day, all the time

* If they get dirty, clean them with carefully with a little bit of sandpaper and treat the wood carefully with small amount of olive oil and they will look great again - except for the Waterlily pattern clogs - just clean with soapy warm water

* If you don't use the clogs in dirt and moisture they will last longer since they are constructed with natural material

* The color on the wooden sole will wear off in time - if you want to paint them use water-based color

* The nursing clogs will last longer if your re-sole them them regularly. Don't use them without rubber sole because the wood will wear down very quickly

* Be careful using your clogs in water since it may loosen the glue between the rubber and the wood and the sole might come off.

* Be careful with the wooden sole because should you knock into something the wood may chip

* Water makes the leather very stretchable so don't use the clogs if they are wet - they may stretch a lot and lose their shape

* The wooden soles (unpainted) can also be treated with a small amount of olive oil - to make them resistant to moisture and dirt and gives them the right looks

* If you open the buckle when taking on or off the clogs the nail will not break and he ankle leather strap will keep their shape

Cape Cod Clogs are handmade and individual. No one pair is exactly alike. They are made of same hand-manufacturered way as in the 70's. They are produced with natural grained leather. The soles are made of alderwood which is a hard but fragile material. The rubber soles are glued onto the wood. Due to these facts you should be aware before purchase of the following:

* The leather may vary in color and thickness

* The leather may have tears

* The leather is hard in the beginning but will soften and stretch with wear

* The natural colored leather is totally untreated and very sensitive to moisture and dirt

* The leather can be treated with a small amount of natural olive oil to make it more resistant and for a darker tone

* The wood may chip if you should knock into something

* The rubber soles can wear down and even become loose from the wood after frequent use - they  can be easily replaced at your local shoe repair shop

* The color on the rubbery sole on the painted wooden  sole will disappear almost immediately upon use

* The color on the wooden sole will wear off with time

* The shoes will not last long if you use them in dirt and moisture since they are of natural materials 


Returns must be returned within 30 days of receiving product - clogs cannot be scuffed, scratched, soiled or worn in anyways. We request it must be in same box as shipped and with packing slip. We do not charge a re-stocking fee.

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