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  1. Can Your Patients Relax Heading To The Dentist?

    You probably often hear in your dental office many patients that are anxious and not relaxed at all. Going to the dentist can be hard for many people.They do not like having their mouths poked and prodded for any length of time. And if they need procedures that are not comfortable they may get even more tense. Check out some of the reasons why your patients may be stressed out coming to your dental office. 

    Heading to the Dentist? Relax!
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    What do you do to help your patients relax at your dental office?
    Do they often miss your appointments? Learn how to keep more appointments here. 
  2. Vestex Scrubs For Ladies Combine Safety and Style

    We are SO excited today to be launching the NEW ladies Vestex Scrubs! We have been waiting for over a year for these new self cleaning, fluid repelling medical scrubs that bring healthcare workers peace of mind. They are now available for ladies in sizes XS-4XL and in 3 great colors.

    Vestex protects now for ladies

    Vestex Safety

    Vestex lets you keep peace of mind with their fluid protecting medical scrubs. They literally repel all fluids including blood and bodily fluids that you encounter throughout your shift. They are naturally self cleaning with flourine silicon dispersion - fluids bead up and fall right off the scrubs. They also create a microscopically structured surface so fluids, dirt and oils cannot adhere to the surface, much like the non-stick surface found on many plants. No more worrying what you are bringing home from your office or hospital or about how you may be passing germs from one patient to another while making rounds. These scrubs can save lives and even healthcare costs!  

    Vestex Style

    The new ladies Vestex scrubs come in 3 colors. These new scrub tops have a fashionable high cut v-neckline for a more feminine look. They have a modern tailoring style with side vents. Sleeves are inset so they don't ride up on you.  

    Read why our dentist loves his Vestex scrubs! Dr. Wade has been wearing Vestex for years and loves how they outlast other brand, don't fade and protect him, his family and his patients.

    Save 15% OFF NOW with CODE NL15 when you purchase 2 or more Vestex medical scrubs today!

    Note: Be sure NOT to use dryer sheets or fabric softener when using the dryer on these Vestex scrubs. 
  3. New Nursing Uniform Prints Arriving Soon at Fancy Scrubs

    Do you like fun prints to dress up for your medical / healthcare job? We love finding new prints for you to enjoy wearing. Wonderwink Scrubs have released several new prints for November for your wearing pleasure. Whether you like monkey prints or heart prints they have something new for everyone. Many of their print tops now come tagless, more comfort for you! A smooth finish around your neck so you don't itch.

    We also are awaiting the new Vestex prints coming soon! These are the fluid repelling scrubs that can protect you from blood and other bodily fluids you may encounter throughout your work days or evenings. These prints will be made just for the ladies. If you have signed up for our email alerts we will be sending one out as soon as we have them in. We have also been adding some new ones to our Cherokee collection. Many of the popular prints do sell out fast. We are finding the uniform manufacturers tend to keep the solid colors in stock for a longer time period than the prints. So if you really love a print don't hesitate.

    What other type of prints would you like to see in your medical uniform collection?
  4. The 3rd Annual Fancy Scrubs Team for Ovarian Cancer Walk

    It was a beautiful day at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island for the local National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's walk. It was their 6th year of the walk in Rhode Island  to raise funds for ovarian cancer. The event also celebrates survivors of this deadly cancer and remembers those that have been lost to this deadly cancer. It also brings awareness to others around the area as well. I still get asked about my teal toes and teal accessories every year. This is the 3rd year Fancy Scrubs has participated in this walk for raising funds.

    Beautiful day for ovarian cancer walk

     The walk was 3 miles through the park and you could see signs along the way to tell you the symptoms of this deadly disease. 

    Signs of ovarian cancer

    You may remember the signs of this lesser known cancer from last year. 
    This year's team was: 

    fancyscrubs team

    Lisa from Fancy Scrubs with Karen and Lori

    Thanks to all those who participated and helped out this important cause. We sure hope they find a cure soon!
    Read more here on how to bring ovarian cancer awareness into your medical community today!
  5. Does Your Medical Office Have A Lot of Missed Appointments?

    Missed medical appointments can cost your practice and/or office a lot of time and money. Technology has really changed how people get their doctor and dental appointment reminders today. Gone are the days when many put the little appointment cards on their refrigerators. Many people, especially those younger, would respond better to text messages. They are always carrying their phones with them and never answer phone calls but will look at their text messages. 

    Appointment Reminder: Increasing The Likelihood for a Client to Arrive on Schedule
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    How Is Your Medical Office Reminding Patients Today of Their Scheduled Appointments?
  6. Wonderwink's New Line of Premium Stretch Fabric Scrubs

    New WonderFLEX Screubs

    10 Reasons You Will Fall in LOVE With WonderFLEX
    1. Innovative Design with Modern Fit - Ladies will love the fit of these new modern scrubs and they are at a fraction of the cost you would pay for other top quality brands.
    2. Premium Stretch - These modern fit scrubs move with you. They are made with 52% cotton, 45% polyester and 3% spandex.
    3. Back Neck Facing - Some of the ladies scrubs top adds a touch of color with maximum comfort with a flush seamline that lies flat against your neckline.
    4. Signature Pockets - The triple signature pocket, a Wonderwink staple, splits a traditional pocket into 3 components giving you a perfect fit for your smartphone. 
    5. Triple Needle Stitching - These WonderFLEX uniforms are built to last with durable fabric that provides unbeatable strength for your long shifts.
    6. Bungee - You can wear your ID badge, hook your keys or hang some tools with WonderFLEX bungee's on these new line of scrubs.
    7. Hook and Loop Fastner - Secure your items with a closure pocket, perfect for cash, credit cards or anything you want to keep safe.
    8. Bar Tacks - Add some flare with a whole lot of function. These little stitches act as anchors to stress points on the scrubs to give you durability.
    9. Logo Printed Drawstrings - You'll love the wink logos to make you and others smile during those long shifts.
    10. WonderFlex Logo Embroidery Badge - Have fun with the Wonderwink logo - smiles away!
    Wondewinks parent company CID is moving into a new facility this week - A larger warehouse for their popular uniform lines that include: Wonderwinks, WonderFLEX, Carhartt and Mary Engelbreit. All orders will resume shipping on Monday, September 9, 2013. 
  7. Join The Happy Healthy Tribe on Triberr

    Happy Healthy Tribe

    If you are a healthcare or nurse blogger join us on Triberr!  A great way to share bloggers health topics across the social networks. You can share via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and StumbleUpon. Others will share your posts. It is FREE to join and there are premium memberships available. You can have your blog posts shared up to 100 times via the FREE membership on Triberr. When you become a member of several tribes the sharing power will begin to explode. Of course the more quality posts you write with powerful headlines the more shares you will get. Log in once or twice daily and share others posts that are health related. Or if you get a premium membership it can be done for you to save time.

    What Is Triberr? 
    Triberr is a community of like minded bloggers and influencers that come together to read and share great content. 

    What type of bloggers would be good? 
    Nurses, doctors, CNA's, dentists, veteranarians to name a few!  We welcome all health related, nursing and medical topics that we like to share along the social networks in our tribe. You can read more here on what Triberr can offer you as a blogger. Once you sign up, follow our tribe and send a request.

    If you are a nurse or healthcare blogger - have you joined Triberr yet?

  8. What Every College Student Should Know About First Aid

    Beginning a college education is exciting as it marks the start of true independence and responsibility. It also means being responsible for taking care of yourself (and possibly others) if an accident or emergency should occur. Because life is unpredictable, you need to know what to do for any given incident or emergency.

    First Aid

    The Basic Necessities
    The first thing you need to do is stock up on some basic essentials that you can use to administer first aid. Included in the list of must-haves are tweezers, hand sanitizer, non-latex gloves, pain relievers, band aids and gauzes, tape (for the gauzes), antiseptic wipes and/or hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, saline solution and allergy medicine. If you are stocked with these items, than you will be well-prepared in case something happens. Place these items in a box or some other container and put it where it is easy to get to so you do not waste time fumbling around looking for it during an emergency. Be sure to let your roommate know where it is in case he or she needs it.

    Cuts and Scrapes
    Getting bruised is part of life. Luckily, most cuts and scrapes are superficial wounds which require not much more than washing them with soap and water, or an antiseptic, and putting a band aid on it. However, if a cut seems to bleed excessively without showing any signs of stopping or if you are bleeding through the bandages, you should go to an emergency room or call 911 as it may be a deep cut that requires stitches.

    Bug Bites and Stings
    If you are outside a lot you will no doubt get bitten or stung by some type of bug. More often than not, it is harmless and all you will do is be itchy with or without a small welt. In those cases, you can apply an anti-itch cream or lotion. If you see a tick, use tweezers to remove it and save it so that it can be analyzed for Lyme’s disease or viruses. If you notice the area is getting swollen and you are not feeling well shortly after the bite or sting, take an allergy medicine to counter an allergic reaction you could be having and seek medical attention.

    Most students have not tried their hand at cooking until they have now in college. And while stoves and ovens are not usually allowed in dorm rooms, hot plates, toasters and microwaves are. As helpful as they may be, they can also be the cause of burns. If you suffer a burn, run it under cold water or place a wet towel on it. Cover the burn up with a bandage or some gauze. If there is pain and/or swelling, take a pain reliever. If, however, the burn is very bad or develops into an infection, you need to get medical attention right away.

    Eye Injuries
    Eye injuries can be serious so it is important to address the problem immediately if you get something in it that causes burning, swelling or a loss of vision. If it is as simple as getting something in your eye, use saline water to flush it out. Make sure not to rub your eye if something is in it and clean your hands before touching your eye. For a black and blue eye, apply a cold compress on it as soon as you can to reduce swelling. Never attempt to remove something out of your eye using tweezers or any other tool as you may cause more damage. Ask someone to get you medical attention or call 911. Do not attempt to drive yourself anywhere since your vision is impaired.

    Getting a minor shock is one thing, but getting electrocuted by a high voltage device is cause for concern. In this case, you need to call 911 immediately where a visit to the emergency room will likely follow. A high-voltage electrocution can leave severe burn marks, a loss of hearing, vision or feeling in the affected area, and even unconsciousness. These are all serious enough that you need to seek immediate professional medical attention.

    Unconsciousness with No Breathing
    While you cannot help yourself if you fall unconscious and stop breathing, you can help someone who does. If you see someone on the ground, check to see if they are breathing. Either call 911 or have someone nearby call. Begin chest compressions by placing one hand on top of the other in the middle of the chest at nipple level and press down firmly until 911 arrives. If the person comes to before help gets there, roll them unto their left side and have them lie still until the paramedics arrive.

    Most people know if someone is choking, you go behind them and give them the Heimlich maneuver. But what if you are choking and no one is around to help? In this case, find a desk, table or any well-grounded surface that is waist-high and throw yourself into it right near your belly button. If there is a sturdy chair (one without any wheels and will not move), you can lean over it trying to dislodge whatever is caught in your throat. Also call 911 and leave the phone hanging as they will come regardless of whether you talk to them or not. Going off to college is an exciting time, but you should also be prepared in case of an emergency whether it is yours or someone else’s. The key to first aid is to act quickly and getting medical attention when things are beyond your control or serious enough to warrant professional help.

    Bio: Hi! I'm Nellie and currently work as a lecturer in programming and accounting. I'm always eager to find out something new and become familiar with it. I love to deal with researches and want to develop in the field of writing. Moreover, I started moving in this direction! I work as a writer for Homework-Desk.com, which arranges everything even math homework help. If you have any questions concerning education, I'm always ready to help. Here are my contacts: Facebook  and at G+. .

    Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  9. Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

    Would you know the signs of Ovarian Cancer? 15,000 women die every year in the United States from Ovarian Cancer and that figure has not changed in 30 years! We need to spread more awareness of this killer disease.

    Ovarian Cancer: What is Ovarian Cancer?
    How can You Help Today?

    • When you purchase any teal medical scrubs or clogs from our website we will  be donating 10% to Teal Toes.
    • You can read more from the founder of Teal Toes, Carey, on how to spread awareness in the medical community. This is important so symptoms from patients will not be missed when they are checked.
    • We at Fancy Scrubs are also are going on the walk again this September in Providence. You may donate for ovarian cancer here to help raise funds for the Rhode Island chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.
    • Be sure to spread the message via this post to help others recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer, as early detection is SO Important.
    Do you know anyone that has had ovarian cancer?
    by MountSinaiNYC. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.
  10. Nurses Are

    Can You Fill In The Blank Nurses Are.......

    Nurses Are What?

    There are so many good quotes over on Pinterest about nurses. We wondered what your thoughts were on nursing in 2013, today. Have you ever eaten anything out of a bedpan or is that just a really silly quote? Do you feel you touch a life everyday? Do you sleep less now that you are a nurse? Nursing is a unique job and only those working it really know what it is like to be a nurse today. 

    Today's nurses have more technology to keep up with. We wonder how does that change nursing? Do you rely more on the technology to complete your job? Does it make it easier or more complex? And the changes in healthcare, science and technology are changing so rapidly compared to any other time in our history. What you learn one day changes the next day
    We'd love to know how you keep up with it all!
    Please drop us a comment on what it's like today to be a nurse.

  11. Veterinary Assistant Jobs for Animal Lovers

    So you love animals? Why not become a veterinary nurse or a veterinary assistant? Tired of working with people or not sure which direction to take your nursing career? If you love working with animals you may love being a registered veterinary nurse or work as a veterinary assistant.

    working with animals

    Veterinary School Requirements

    To become qualified you must in most cases attend an AAVMCA affiliated veterinary school. It can be competitive and challenging to get into the schools but it can be done. If you have worked in animal shelters or with animals inother capacities it can be helpful when applying. Having medical skills is a plus when applying. Of course if you have had classes in microbiology and upper level anatomy those credits may be transferred. How long will it take to go through veterinary school? In the United States is takes seven years to become a veterinarian - three years of undergraduate college and four years of veterinary school. Graduates must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination and any applicable state exams. Some then do a one year internship before applying for higher paid jobs in their field.

    Veterinary Assistant Jobs and Veterinary Nurses

    There are several places you could work in such as a private practice, corporate veterinary practices, the Federal Government such as the USDA, CDC, FDA, etc. The military has jobs like the Army and Air Force with working dog veterinary medicine. Teaching is another option. Other jobs include research and public health with animal to human disease research and making policies related to them. Veterinarians also ensure the public food supply is safe. They track thefood borne illnesses and outbreaks. Shelter medicine is another field working with animals in shelters and keeping them healthy there. You have a lot of options working with animals. If you are to become an assistant vs. a nurse or a full vet you would not have to go to school but a certificate may be required as well as on the job training. Some assistants do get pre-vet schooling to help when applying for jobs with an associates or bachelor degree.  

    Learn more from the following video:

    What area of working with animals would you love to do?
    Of course you would get to wear cute animal scrub prints too! 

    Top image Image courtesy of debspoons at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  12. DownTime in Nursing

    We all have time on our units when there is nothing going on. For my workplace it is always Thursday because we see fewer patients with our Residents in lecture all day. I love light panel days because I can review what I have and what I need to make my unit successful.


    I like to think that I run a tight ship on my unit. Being the Lead Nurse on my unit is difficult for me. I don’t like to be bossy or to ask people to help with things but I have to. I can’t do it all, no one can. I don’t ask anyone to do something that I won’t do myself but I also believe in delegation when necessary. I try to set a good example by doing as much as I am able without asking for assistance, whether or not it is a “Nurse job” or a “CNA job. When we have time we ALL pitch in to make sure that we are ready for the next busy shift regardless to what type of work it is.

    Teamwork is crucial to running a successful unit and any down time should be used for doing all the things on your unit that you normally don’t have time to do on a daily basis. It is the time to make your unit SHINE. It is not time to hide in an exam room to surf the internet or play Candy Crush on your phone.

    10 Things You Should Be Doing During DownTime

     1. If you can reach it, you can dust it. Wipe down every available surface with antibacterial wipes.
    2. Check all supplies for expiration dates. Especially sterilized equipment.
    3. Check and Restock every drawer and shelf.
    4. Check your paperwork supplies. Make copies you are low on.
    5. Straighten up the med room. Remove all trash and empty boxes
    6. Look at the bulletin boards. Update them as needed remove old and outdated materials.
    7. Wipe down around and behind printers and computers.
    8. Inventory your nursing station. Do you really see the need for 6 boxes of light sheaths? No, probably not, return them to central supply or share with another unit.
    9. Ask another unit if you can browse their handouts for patient education and prep instructions for procedures. Not all units have identical handouts.
    10. Be a good team member. Offer to help on other units. Work together to make EVERYONE’s day better. Just because you have a light day doesn’t mean every unit does. When they have a light day they will be more likely to lend a hand if you are willing to do the same for them.
    What Do You Do During Your Downtime?
  13. Pets Can Help Your Patients Get Well

    Have you noticed a trend with pets in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes? Recent research has shown how pets can make sick people well and even help them recover quicker. More and more medical professionals are recognizing the importance of pets in healthcare.
    do pets help your patients

    What Pets Can Do For Your Patients

    • Keep them calmer and comfort them - It can lower their blood pressure and prevent strokes and heart attacks. Cats are known to prevent strokes. So continue to pet your cat regularly and encourage your patients to do so too! Research over the past 20 years has shown that people who never owned a cat had a 40% increase in death from heart attack. Dog owners had a much better chance of surviving a heart attack. 
    • Help their immune systems - Having pets around can help prevent allergies. Kids who grow up with pets get few allergies later on.
    • Prevents or Lowers Depression - Being sick can bring on or make depression worse. Pets can help patients ward off depression. 
    • Stronger Bones with Exercise - Dogs must be walked. Pet owners especially those with dogs get more exercise.  
    • Help For Diabetes Patients - One in three dogs have the ability via smell to alert their owners when they need to eat as their glucose levels drop. Dogs for Diabetes are training more dogs in this effort.
    • Counseling Efforts - Some therapists are using dogs in counseling treatments. People may talk more with a dog around and what they say can tell a counselor a lot.
    Pets and Patients from Fancy Scrubs

    Is your hospital, office or clinic allowing pets in to help your patients?
  14. Nurses and Compassion Fatigue

    Nurses, would you know if you suffered from compassion fatigue? Compassion Fatigue is also known as STS - Secondary Traumatic Stress. It is a condition that is characterized by lessening of compassion over time. It was first diagnosed in nurses back in the 1950's. Today it is even more prevalent with the demands of managed care, the additional paperwork and regulations related to healthcare.


    What are the Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue?

    They made include:
    • Feelings of hopelessness.
    • Decrease in feeling pleasure.
    • Feeling stress and anxiety all the time.
    • Sleeplessness and nightmares.
    • A negative attitude.
    • Frequent headaches.
    Not the qualities we would want as nurses, right? Those that are perfectionists or are giving types of personalities suffer from this condition the most. Many in the healthcare field fall into this category. Working day in and day out (or night in and night out) with having to be compassionate at all times can cause this to occur.  A higher percentage of those that work in the emergency rooms suffer from this condition. It can be a deep physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. Many work harder and continue to give until they are completely burned out. Doctors too suffer from this fatigue.

    How To Decrease Your Compassion Fatigue

    • Take your vacations and frequent breaks on the job. 
    • Exercise and take care of your own health.
    • Join groups with others who work in healthcare. There are several support groups out there.
    There are several groups like HealthyCareGiving.com,  iShipPrograms, Center for Professional Well Being to name a few that help health care professionals to overcome this crippling fatigue. It is important to take care of your own health so you can help others overcome their health issues.

    Have you ever felt compassion fatigue and how did you handle it?

  15. Dental Health Is Part Of Overall Health

    Our teeth can be forgotten until we get pain and then we really know how teeth can cause us pain and trouble. It's part of our body that we sometimes take for granted. 

    care for their teeth

    We have been following David from the Toothy Grins Store and have been amazed how often he blogs and does videos. We found him on Twitter first and thought we would interview him to learn more about his business and how he does it all. Have you come across David Snape yet?
    We had connected with David since we carry a line of dental scrubs. 
    Our teeth can really affect our overall health. Gum disease can trigger other diseases throughout the body.
    Our Interview with David Snape from the Toothy Grin Store

    How long have you been in business?
    I started to work part time on the Internet way back in 2002.

    How often do you blog?
    We see many posts and are amazed at how often you do :)
    This varies greatly, but currently I am trying to blog about 3 to 4 times per day at the blog.toothygrinsstore.com blog. However, I don't always make that many posts every day. That is the current goal for me, however.

    What are some of the accessories with the hydro floss?
    That's a great question. Let me break this down a little bit. The Hydro Floss comes with 4 color coded regular jet tips automatically. There are also specialty tips available. There are basically three types. 1. The pocket pals: For periodontal pockets ranging from 5-6 mms in depth. This kind features a soft rubber tip. One public health expert (government worker) told me that he has two dental professional friends who personally use the Hydro Floss. One is a periodontist and the other is an oral surgeon. He told me that his oral surgeon friend uses the pocket pals daily as a preventive measure. Being an oral surgeon, you could probably guess that she does not have periodontal pockets above 3mm. But, she chooses to use the pocket pals for prevention. 2. The second tip is the sulcus jet tip. This is virtually identical to the pocket pals except that it lacks the soft rubber tip. The tip is a clear plastic. It is also for 5-6mm pockets. 3. Finally, there are the Cannula tips. These are for periodontal pockets ranging from 8-10 mm. This may lead your readers to ask, "What are periodontal pockets". This is a measurement, typically performed by a dentist or hygienist, of the 'attachment' of the gum tissue to the tooth. Basically, the idea is that they should not be able to probe beyond 3mm. Generally speaking, pocket depths above 3mm are considered unhealthy. Therefore, a goal for someone with deeper pockets is to get them back to the 3mm or below range. This is a key point that you will often see me writing about at Toothy Grins Store.

    What about your other products for allergies? The Pulse?
    I believe you are referring to the Grossan HydroPulse. This is a great device created by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr. Grossan. Many ENTs recommend this device to their patients. I have personally witnessed a profound change in a former work colleague who started using the Grossan. She went from always feeling miserable and run down due to a chronic sinus problem, to about 100% better in the course of 5 days. A year or two later, she was still free of her sinus problems and she continues to use the HydroPulse daily in order to keep it that way. Her physical appearance drastically improved as well. Because of being run down from the chronic sinus problems, she had dark circles under her eyes. These went away after she began using the HydroPulse. Many doctors recommend this device. Many dentists and other dental professionals recommend the Hydro Floss.

    What do you offer for bad breath?
    For bad breath, Toothy Grins Store offers a wide range of pH balanced and / or oxygenated products. These include toothpastes and mouthwashes. Many products are designed to fight the 'other' causes of bad breath that many people are unaware of. Two examples would be nasal / sinus drops for bad breath caused by post nasal drip and tonsil stone removal kits for home use. Tonsil stones can sometime be the hidden cause of bad breath. If the problem is tonsil stones, then no amount of tongue scraping, mouthwash or anything else is going to strike at the heart of the problem. Tonsil stones don't always cause bad breath, sometimes they are symptom free. But if they are the problem, nearly anyone who has them would want to get rid of them.

    Do you have any new products in the making?
    I don't have more in the works right now, at least not that I am personally working on. However, I still have plenty to add to the store inventory that have not been added yet. We have enough work to do on our inventory to keep us busy for a long time. Of course, my own book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease: The Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease is also available at Toothy Grins Store. I would love to see more people read the book and become educated on gum disease. As you have probably noticed in my writing, gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and dental professionals tell us that about 75% of people have some gum disease right now. That means that I have a lot of people to reach with my message. I certainly hope that I can help more people. Fortunately, many people have found the book. I have even received phone calls from people who thank me for writing it.

    What is your favorite social network? 

    Twitter is by far my favorite social network. It is much easier to have conversations with people on twitter, in my opinion, than any other social media platform. On FaceBook, you are limited to close friends and fans of your page(s). On twitter, it seems to me that I am able to interact with a much broader range of people. I am not sure how much time I spend on social media each day, but it is a significant amount of time. I wouldn't say that I have a least favorite, I spend more time on twitter than any other social media venue.

    What do you like to do when you are not working or blogging?
    I work a lot. However, I do like to use my time outside of work to practice the meditation / qigong practice known as Falun Dafa. Anyone can learn more about this at falundafa.org . I highly recommend it. I also like to help promote a show that I am particularly fond of called Shen Yun. You can read more and even see videos at ShenYunPerformingArts.org. They have a new show every year and tour many cities around the world. I also spend some time trying to highlight the immoral organ harvesting practices occurring in China for the last decade or perhaps longer. This is a big problem and it is truly an outrage and an atrocity. Finally, those who practice Falun Dafa in China are brutally persecuted by the Chinese government. I like to spend time exposing the persecution which helps to restrain the Chinese regime from even greater atrocities. Although, I must say that the bad things that are happening there today are truly horrendous. Many of these things remain hidden from the public. Some websites, like faluninfo.net report on the persecution, including the organ harvesting. Many governments, NGOs and even the Human Rights Commission of the UN have been informed and have spoken out against these problems. As you know or could guess, it is difficult to change the behavior of a non-elected regime. However, many groups are trying to do so. I will continue to work on these things as well in my free time.

    You can follow David Snape via his website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

    Do your patients have issues with their dental health?
    *Top image via Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

  16. Nurses in 2020 -  Where Will They Be?

    Nurses in 2020

    The year 2020 will be upon us before we know it. Will there be enough nurses to take care of our aging population? According to Discover Nursing the United States will face a nursing shortgage of 800,000 nurses. That is almost 1 million nurses short to take care of patients. 75 million aging baby boomers will be aging and the ratio of caregivers to the elderly patients will decrease dramatically causing a nursing crisisHow will our country survive without enough nurses in 2020 to take care of us? 

    Why Less Nurses in 2020?

    • Nurse Burnout. This is one of the big reasons. We already have a shortage of almost a quarter million nurses now. This puts added stress on an already stressful job for many of the current nurses.   
    • Emotional Burnout.The job of a nurse takes it toll on many and many nurses switch careers in mid life and do not work as a nurse until their retirement ages.
    • ExhaustionNurses get exhausted as they work long hours and on their feet for most of their long hours. Some are forced to work overtime. Other nurses work different (rotating) shifts which can wreck havoc on one's health.
    • Better Educated. Nurses are getting higher degrees and go on to become physicians assistants or doctors. Some may become hospital administrators or work in human resources.
    • Aging Nurse Workforce. Those in nursing are aging as the population. There are not enough younger people top replace them. 
    • Waiting Lists at Nursing Colleges. Those that want to become nurses may find themselves on a waiting list for entrance to colleges. There are not enough professors to teach nursing.

    Nursing Jobs in 2020

    What type of nursing jobs will there be in 2020? Will we see as shift from hospitals to home care or nursing facilities? Will the school nurse still exist with budget cuts across our cities and towns? Nursing may not look the same in just 7 years from now. As our population shifts and changes so will the field of nursing.

    Nurses, would you recommend someone becoming a nurse today? 
  17. Nursing Uniform Giveway During Nurses Week

    We will be giving away a set of Nursing Uniforms by Wonderwink during Nurses Week (May 6-12)
    in appreciation for all that nurses do everyday!  

    Win WonderWink Uniforms

    Just Enter Below and Get Your Chance to
     WIN A Set of WonderWink Uniforms! 

    (Must be 18 years old and live in the Continential United States)

    "When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours." ~Author Unknown
  18. Colorful Scrubs Create a Cheerful Environment

    Scrubs have been part of my professional life for over 30 years…first as a nurse and then as a dentist. Back in the day, as a nurse in a large teaching hospital in Chicago, we would get our scrubs from the OR department and wear them instead of traditional uniforms because the scrubs were comfortable and practical. But…they were not colorful. Some of you may remember the scrubs of the 70’s that were a drab and faded green. Not so any longer!

    Colorful Scrubs

    Now, there are colors! And patterns! 

    We all know that most people aren’t usually excited about having to make a trip to the doctor, dentist or hospital. It’s not something that people look forward to. Because of this, many medical and dental facilities have attempted to lessen people’s fear by creating an atmosphere of trust and compassion. One of the many ways to do this is to have staff that appears approachable and kind. Colorful and cheerful scrubs can really work toward accomplishing this. The starched white nurse’s uniforms that presented a formidable presence in the past are no longer evident. They have been replaced by nurses wearing yellow or purple or print scrubs that exude good feelings. It is difficult to have “white coat syndrome” when your caregiver is wearing brightly colored scrubs!

    As a dentist, my favorite mode of dress has been scrubs. The selection from FancyScrubs.com allows my staff at my practice to be clever and creative. Scrubs are fashionable, fun and they make dressing for the day a real no-brainer. And they make sense from a healthcare perspective…at the end of the day, you change out of your scrubs and toss them into the wash.

    One of my favorite uses of the colored scrubs is in the dental school. I am a clinical instructor at Marquette University School of Dentistry and am grateful for the distinctive colored scrubs that the students wear. The students start wearing scrubs the very first day of class…even if they are not seeing patients yet. Each class has a specific scrub color associated with that particular level making it incredibly easy for anyone to know what year a student is immediately. This is beneficial for faculty, students and patients. This year, the first year dental students wear light gray, the second year dental students wear navy blue, the third year students wear burgundy and the fourth year students wear dark green. One glance at the scrub color and I know what year student I am working with. So handy!

    Colored scrubs…fun, cheerful and so much more! Thanks FancyScrubs.com!

    Dr. Claudia Anderson By Dr. Claudia Anderson of Family Dental Care Park Ridge

  19. Are You Scared Going From A LVN to a RN?

    LVN to RN

    What is a LVN?

    A LVN stands for a Licensed Vocational Nurse. A LVN takes care of patients for their basic care in a hospital, nursing home, long term care facilities, etc. Basic care may include taking blood pressure, temperature readings, bathing and taking care of a patient’s hygiene needs. LVN’s usually have one year of training at a vocational school or community college. Community colleges are usually less expensive than most of the technical schools. Many who complete this schooling must work in clinics before applying for a LVN job. Some complete internships as part of their training. A LVN is always supervised by either a doctor or a RN (Registered Nurse). They usually make about half of what a Registered Nurse earns. A LVN can supervise a CNA (certified nursing assistant) or CMA’s (certified medical assistant). They too must pass state exams.

    What is a RN?

    A RN is a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse must complete a nursing program at an accredited college (either an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree) and pass the NCLEX - National Council Licensure Examination. A RN may be responsible for a patient’s entire case management. The RN would deal with the physician, specialists and the patient themselves on matters of their case. Duties may include the following:
    •  Oversee Patient Care.
    •  Keep Track of Patient’s Medical Records.
    •  Perform Varied Tests on Patiens.
    •  Operate Medical Equipment Needed for Patient Care.
    •  Discuss Treatment Plans with Patients and Their Families.
    •  Record and Analyze Patient’s Condition.
    •  Discuss Patients Care and Treatment with Their Doctor.
    •  Cleaning Bed Pans and Many More Patient Care Duties.
    •  Educate and Advise Patients on Their Healthcare.

    Duties vary widely for RN’s who may work in a doctor’s office, a hospital or at an ER center. State laws do vary from different states as to what nurses can perform at certain places such as surgical procedures or ER care. You must check out your own state laws to see what is required. You can check the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for more information.

    Why Go From LVN to RN?

    •  Make Yourself More Money.
    •  More Involved in Patients Care.
    •  More Job Satisfaction Helping Patients.
    •  More Job Opportunities – Job Growth.

    Can You Take Online Courses? It really varies from state to state. You must check within your state to find out their requirements.

    If you were a LPN and became an RN we’d love to hear your story here!
    Leave a comment here or email us at info@fancyscrubs.com

    *Image courtesy of koratmember at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  20. Can Nursing Make Nurses Tired?


    Nursing Long Hours
    Many nurses are required to work 40 to 60 hours per week. Not only are they working longer hours but they are on their feet for many of these hours. Some nurses have even worked 24 hours straight when a replacement nurse calls in sick. These long hours can cause a strain on their backs and sore feet. They are required to lift patients and do strenuous work throughout their long shifts in the hospital or nursing care facilities. Nurses are also using computers more on their jobs. The computer usage by nurses causes more strain on their backs and necks.

    Research has shown that working more than 12 hours per day in nursing can cause near misses and a diminished quality of healthcare. Many hospitals are requiring that nurses no longer work overtime for more than 12 hours per shift for these reasons. Almost half the states in the United States hae enacted legislation on mandatory overtime prohibition for nurses. (Some states have a clause if there is a national or local emergency that the nurses may work past those 12 hour shifts.) 

    Night Shift for Nursing
    Many nurses also work the night shift which has another set of health issues. The night shift forces the body to work against it's own internal clock. Many can suffer from work sleep disorder.
    Symptoms may include:
    • Accident prone
    • Lack of concentration
    • Irritable
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Substance Abuse
    These are not the things a nurse should encounter. Nurses can adjust by taking the shift differentials slowly and must make sure to get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is key to overcoming most of the above symptoms. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water would also help to overcome the shift differential issues.

    What do you do to avoid getting tired on the job nursing?
    Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  21. Did You Really Need Those

    Medical Scrubs Yesterday?

    medical scrubs overnight

    Did you procrastinate ordering your scrubs?

    According to the dictionary procrastination means "the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time."

    We don't think doctors and nurses really procrastinate - they just have so many high priority things to do that they may forget to order their medical scrubs. Some need them the next day and panic. They or their staff call us and ask, “Can you overnight us some scrubs?” . Many medical professionals travel for their job. Many healthcare workers change jobs. Some have new colors that they must wear that were mandated by their employers. You know those color coded hospitals and offices? Some, like pediatrician offices, want a particular print to match their wallpaper. And they need them stat.

    Medical Scrubs Overnight

    Guess what? In most cases if you call before11 am. EST we can do it. FancyScrubs.com can ship your medical scrubs overnight. Not on all of our products, but many. We have had people ask for Gelscrubs, Cherokee, and New Balance to be shipped overnight. We were able to deliver. We shipped the medical scrubs overnight to their delight. Read the testimonial from Raenetta on our kids page .

    The shipping cost varies - typically anywhere from $30-$75 depending on the size of the order, where it is to be shipped to in the United States and from which supplier. It is a unique feature we offer so you really must call or email us with your requests, brand of products, and a zip code so we can get an estimate for you as soon as possible.

    The next time you are busy and forget to order your medical scrubs, think of Fancy Scrubs. We can make it happen for you. We can overnight them to you so you don't have to chase down your next new medical scrubs to wear for work.

    Have you ever had to have something overnighted to you because you could not get it nearby?
  22. Cheap Scrubs

    Do You Really Want Your

    Medical Scrubs Cheap?

    cheap scrubs

    You spend hours in your medical scrubs. You are on the move and sometimes moving very fast. Do you really want cheap scrubs that need replacement every couple of months from washes and wears? Many scrub manufacturers change their styles and colors often. If you really liked that special print or color the next time you order it is likely it will not be available. Styles comes and go. Colors come and go. If a color sells out quickly the manufacturer may make more. If it doesn't sell well, it will not come back.

    Save Money On Your Scrubs Without Getting Cheap Scrubs

    Now if you really want to save money there are several options here at FancyScrubs.com. We carry a very affordable brand of scrubs called WonderWink scrubs. They come in many fancy colors, prints and sizes. They are available in mens, ladies and unisex sizes. Some of their nursing scrubs start as low as $12.99  Of course when you spend $89 here at Fancy Scrubs you will get FREE shipping with a 30 day return policy. Wonderwink scrubs come with a bungee code that doubles as a fancy accent and a fucntional ID badget holder. bungee cord(No need to buy those ID holders anymore!)  The fabric of these Wonderwink garments are hardwearing, long lasting and have comfortable blended fabrics that are easy care and maintenance free to save you time, and time is money too! 

    Another way to save is to purchase scrubs that will save money over time like our best nursing scrubs called Vestex.Vestex can save your hospital money by reducing infections from spreading from healthcare worker to patient via their medical scrubs. A Virginia Commonwealth University study showed that our fluid repelling medical scrubs may play a role in decreasing the risk of MRSA transmission to patients. “The antimicrobial scrubs tested were associated with decreased MRSA apparel microbial bioburden. When bundled with known infection prevention strategies such as hand hygiene, antimicrobial impregnated apparel may limit the bacterial burden of the inanimate environment. For settings with high rates of hospital-acquired infections with drug-resistant pathogens such as MRSA, the use of antimicrobial medical apparel may be a useful supplementary to other infection prevention measures." 

    So do you really want those cheap scrubs or would you prefer affordable long lasting medical scrubs?

    Top Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  23. What Makes Nursing Blogs So Popular Today?

    There are many nursing blogs to read today, more than ever. We wondered, why do nurses blog?  Is it for the joy of writing or being able to express themselves after working very stressful hours upon hours? Is it the extra money they can earn blogging about nursing? Is to help other nurses on their journey? 

    There are so many good nursing blogs to choose from today.  Here are 10 great nursing blogs you may have not read:

    • The Nerdy Nurse - Brittney has been very consistent with her blog and blogging about nursing and technology. A must read nursing blog.
    • New Nurse Help - A brand new nursing blog on the scene providing help for new nurses. Check this new nursing blog today by a male nurse who was a teacher.
    • The Yoga Nurse - Annette Tersigni inspires nurses to take action with feel good remedies and is an author and a keynote speaker. Check her yoga nursing blog out today. 
    • Different Types of Nursing - Tina Lanciault shares her journey of nursing and has fun writing about the different types of nursing you can get into.
    • My Nursing Business - By Alicia-Joy Pierre. She shares how to grow and thrive a business leveraging your nursing background. If you are looking to get started read her blog today.
    • The Gypsy Nurse - Candy has been involved in travel nursing for 9 years and has a nursing blog on all you need to know about becoming a travel nurse and tips for those already a travel nurse. 
    • Hello Anna and Mo - A blog by Ana about a nurse doing other things besides nursing. A lifestyle blog for nurses to enjoy. 
    • My Strong Medicine - A blog by Sean and his adventures as a male nurse and an athletic trainer.
    • The Nursing Site Blog - An oldie but goodie and a must read if you haven't visited Kathy Quan's nursing blog.
    • Nurse Anesthetist Blog - A blog published by the AANA as nurses were the first group to provide anesthesia services in the United States back in the 1800's.

      Nursing blogs

    If we missed some great nursing blogs please drop us a line at info@fancyscrubs.com. We may just feature your nursing blog next time. 
    We would also love to know why you blog - please leave us a comment below.
  24. Careers in the Health Care Field

    Are you considering a career in the health care field? Jobs are plentiful and it is a noble profession anyone can be proud to be a part of. But before you commit, it is important to think about whether or not you and health care are a good fit, long term. There are many factors to consider in your decision. To help you, here are 4 must-have personalty traits of a medical professional as discussed by nurses, physical therapists and others with years of experience.

    healthcare workers

    1) Compassion

    Do you love people? Anyone who is successful in working with suffering people has the trait of compassion., which both encompasses and evokes additional personality characteristics essential in the medical field.

    Compassionate caregivers:

    • Are drawn to others in a loving and supportive way.
    • Find people interesting and want to know about them.
    • Naturally interact kindly with patients in a focused, practical and truly helpful manner.
    • Empathize and thus come up with solutions that ease suffering.

    Compassion cannot be faked just because the job requires it. Patients and families know immediately if the professionals they are dealing with don't really care. A lack of compassion can lead to a breakdown in the patient/caregiver relationship, and eventually contribute to overall failure in the job, burnout, and even leaving the profession. Compassion has to be at the top of the list.

    2) Emotional stability

    Are you in charge of your emotions? Medical professionals must deal with extreme contrasts of human experience. In one day a nurse may see a baby born, then later be present when a young mother is told she has cancer. Then she might help a teen devastated by a drug overdose, and an hour later celebrate with a man who was told he would never walk again, yet takes a first step. She may even lose long term patients who over time, became dear friends.

    Emotionally stable health care professionals:

    • Focus on the needs of the patients, not their own responses.
    • Have an ability to recover and retain balance in extreme situations.
    • Leave the the events of the day behind when they leave work.
    • Seek help if emotions become hard to manage, so they don't risk burnout.

    3) Effective Communication Skills

    Are you a good listener? In the often high-pressure medical care environment, communication is vital to keeping patients safe. Successful health care professionals also continually work to improve these skills.

    A good communicator is able to:

    • Deliver a concise and clear message with accurate content.
    • Listen very carefully, and be able to repeat the message back accurately, and isn't afraid to ask for clarification.
    • Observe and interpret patient's body language for clues for something they may be either unable or afraid to speak of, such as hidden pain, suppressed fear, or depression. They also monitor their own body language for any unhelpful or negative messages it might convey, like fidgeting or sighing or rolling the eyes when fatigue is setting in or a long day is near the end
    • Stick to the facts, and are honest in all their communications. They speak well of co-workers or superiors, and avoid participation in rumors or interpersonal drama.

    4) Physical Stamina

    Are you energetic? Health care professionals require strength and endurance. Physical therapists need strength to work with patients who must be helped to walk, get in and out of wheelchairs, therapeutic baths, and exercise equipment. Nurses often have to spend long hours on their feet, literally and figuratively.

    Emergencies happen, and can turn into a 12 hour day. Walking up and down halls, lifting patients, being in constant motion, sometimes without the chance to take a break, can be punishing. Operating room personnel must stand, and be alert and quick thinking, often for hours at a time.

    A person of stamina:

    • Protects their health and strength with proper rest and diet so they can perform well on the job.
    • Has an energy for living that impacts every area of their life, not just the physical.
    • Is flexible and adaptable, fostering an ability to handle the unexpected.
    • Is hardworking, and pushes through unexpected physical demands.

    If you believe you possess these 4 must-have personalty traits of a medical professional, then you are a great candidate for a career in the health care field. Your compassion, stability, great listening, and your physical strength will make you an asset to your field and more importantly, a source of help for those suffering illness, pain and physical challenges.

    Written by Doctor Tom who has over 14 years in the medical and caregiving industry. He now runs his own medical waste disposal business on the East Coast.
  25. Nursing Uniform Necklines To Make You Look Better

    Do you get confused on which neckline will make you look better when picking out your nursing uniforms? There are several necklines to choose from when looking at nursing uniform tops. You have sweetheart necklines, scoop necklines, v-necks, square necklines and fancier styles too. How do you choose which nursing uniform top will look best on you? Some body types look better in one type of neckline and others look better in another. 

    Nursing uniform necklines

    Different Style Nursing Uniform Top Necklines

    *A sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart and will make you look leaner and taller. It is a lower type neckline. They can also accentuate the bosom and your curves.

    *A scoop neckline has a curved U shape and the depth on them can vary. You will not want it to be too plunging for your nursing uniform top so you can look professional. This type of a neckline tends to look good on almost everyone. This neckline elongates your upper body. Scoop necklines can also accentuate your curves.

    *A v-neck styled top are formed by 2 diagonal lines from the shoulders that meet on the chest. V-necks tend to bring attention to your face. They create height for you and look great on those with an apple shaped body type.

    *A square neckline is great if you are petite or have a short neck as a square neckline gives the illusion of height. 

    *A keyhole neckline has converging diagonal lines that meet in front of the neck forming the keyhole. They are a universally flattering neckline. It will look good on all body types.

    Do you stop to see what nursing uniform necklines look great on you or do you just know by looking at them which will look best on you?
  26. Why Are New Balance Nursing Scrubs Always Selling Out So Fast? 

    New Balance Nursing Scrubs

    Is it the look New Balance convey's? Is it the fabric that is so comfortable to many? Is it the way they wear on your body? Is it the 15 different colors they use in the fabric of these scrubs? Every 2 minutes someone is commenting on the New Balance brand on social media. New Balance Healthcare is leading the industry in innovation with it's medical scrub line. These nursing scrubs offer unique hidden pockets, zippered pant legs, first ever yoga style scrub pants and true menswear on the way and will be ready to ship by year's end to you. (You may pre-order them now).  

    The color choices New Balance offers works for both individual fashion tastes and for hospitals and staff that must wear the same colors. The PerforMed Core fabrics are made of Polyester, Rayon and Spandex - a softness with a much needed stretch for healthcare workers. There is also another fabric (PerForMed Layer) that features a layer of cotton spandex. Both blends boost the "Lightning Dry®" comfort technology and an anti-wrinkle finish so you can look sharp all day and evening long throughout your shift. No need to have to iron New Balance nursing scrubs. Who has time to iron scrubs with long shifts to work? 

    So when you see New Balance in stock, don't wait to order - they never seem to stay around in stock for long. They have just moved to a larger warehouse in hopes they can keep larger inventory for you - ready to ship out and fill more orders.  New Balance nursing scrubs are popular and for many good reasons. These medical scrubs are available in unisex sizes, ladies sizes and now men's sizes too. Most pants are available in petite and some in tall.

    Have you tried the New Balance nursing scrubs yet?
  27. 8 Real Reasons Nurses Are Like Angels

    Many think of nursing as a great field to work in. But is it really? Does it not have stress like most jobs today? Nursing is extremely hard work and can be a thankless job many days too.

    Nurses are like angels
    Author Unknown

    Here are 8 reasons nurses today are like angels:

    1. Nurses are patient. Sounds ironic? Nurses take care of patients but they must have endless patience to do so.
    2. Nurses have gone through years of education. Nurses have stayed up for countless hours in preparation just to become a nurse. They have given up years of their own lives to start the job. (Doctors too)
    3. Nurses are like angels because they can take care of very sick and irrated people on a daily basis.
    4. Nurses come back each day to do it over again. Nurses really care. They could not do their job if they did not care about people.
    5. They do the dirty work. The doctors come in find the disease or ailment but the nurses are the ones that do the dirty work to recovery. They really do the dirty work, changing bedpans and diapers on people of all ages. Can you imagine doing that all day and/or all night? 
    6. Nurses are on their feet throughout their shifts. They must stand or be on the go - it is a physically demanding job too.
    7. Nurses see it all, from birth to death. They are there to see a new life begin and there at the end of lives too.
    8. Nurses can ease the pains of many from the illness and disease that they are burdened with.   

      So the next time you are at a hospital or at a doctor's office, remember to thank your nurse. It will surely brighten up her day and help her to continue to help others along their journey. 

    Have you thanked a nurse recently?
    Or nurses - have you been thanked lately? 

  28. A Nurse Is A Nurse, Right?

    Male Nurses have increased to almost 7% of all nurses in the United States. In countries like Italy that number is over 10%. If women can do any job that men can, then men can do a job women have dominated for years, right? We certainly believe so. We don’t think there is a need to call them male nurses – have we ever called nurses “female nurses?” The same goes for attorneys, salespeople or mail carriers today.

    mens nursing uniforms

    Nursing is a profession that men can excel at just as women. They both must have the same training to become a nurse. Both sexes must endure a lot to get through nursing school and begin their journeys into nursing. Back in B.C. times the only nurses were male. Females were not allowed to be nurses. In Arab cultures, women were regarded as incapable of performing nursing duties. At the time of the Crusades, military men cared for ailing and wounded soldiers. In the Middle Ages both female and male nurses existed but they must care for only patients of their gender.

    Even during the black plaque it was male nurses that cared for the sick. The 16th century brought the Sisters of Charity who established the first nursing society with an organized educational curriculum. (Then came the Daughters of Charity)

    For many years later females really dominated nursing until a few decades ago when men started to once again enter the nursing field. Of course it could not have been easy with movies like Meet the Parents that poked fun at Ben Stiller (Greg Rocker) until he nurses his father-in-law who started having a heart attack. His calm and collective demeanor showed that men could nurse just as well as women. The only difference between the sexes as a nurse are the nursing uniforms they may wear. Men need a different fit than most women.

    We’d love to hear from nurses today on the roles that gender may play in the field of nursing. Or are they non-existent now?

  29. Get a FREE Wonderwink Scrub Tee

    in cotton or silky fiscos/spandex fabric with any $99 Wonderwink order!

    Wonderwink scrub tee shirts

    Spend $99 or more on Wonderwink Scrubs and pick out your favorite scrub tee color, style and size. (Available in Sizes XS-2XL) Add the scrub tee to your shopping cart and when you hit the check out button you will see the $13.99 come off your order!  Of course you will get FREE shipping too.

    Wonderwink gives you so many fun nursing scrub colors and prints to choose from.  No wonder their slogan is Expect Compliments. Their logo represents friendship, happiness and peace. Spread good cheer in your Wonderwink medical apparel.

    WonderWink the fun scrubs

    You can choose from fancy nursing jackets, white and black coats as well as petite and tall scrub pants and scrubs for men. The fabric is hardwearing, long lasting and made for your comfort with fabrics blended for easy care and maintenance. The cut of these scrubs are streamlined to fit figure flattering silhouettes by focusing on lean and long shapes that maintain the illusion of height and length.

    Who say's you can't look good in your scrubs? 

    Wonderwink nursing scrubs

    Their signature pockets have discreet design that split the traditional one pocket into four seperate compartments. The back pockets are stragetically placed to fit and shape your derriere. You may also safeguard your medical valuables with hidden interior pockets made from a durable and soft mesh that provides you  with additional storage and security without adding bulk to your scrubs. 

    Wonderwink special pockets

    Wonderwink scrubs also come with an accessory loop to help keep you organized! The invisible pocket organizer inside the garment is perfect for keeping your medical tools in easy reach. 

    The yellow bungee cord doubles as an accent for your scrubs and as a functional ID badge holder! 

    bungee cord

    Wonderwink medical scrubs

    include the Wink, Utility Girl Stretch, Four Stretch, 2 Stretch. Origins, Brights, Mens and Layers lines.

    If you haven't tried them yet, now is the time and get your FREE scrub tee with any order over $99!  

    We'd love to hear from those who have tried these Wonderwink brand scrubs today - Just leave us a comment here on the blog.
  30. Medical Scrubs or Nursing Uniforms?

    The two words SCRUBS and UNIFORMS seem to be used interchangeably for stores that sell medical scrubs and nursing uniforms. Some sites like Yellow Pages and other directories online categorize them all under uniforms. What is the meaning of each word? 

    In the 1800's they were called uniforms and were made from a nun's habit. Nuns took care of the sick people before nurses were known as nurses. Nuns were able to accept the difficult physical circumstances and could relate to soldiers in a non sexual way. Many men in the military questioned whether women at should be in the field hospitals at all.

    The war with Spain was quickly demonstrating the urgent need for trained nurses as quickly constructed army camps for more than 28,000 members of the regular army were devastated by diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, and malaria. All of these diseases took a much greater toll than did enemy gunfire. As a result, the need for trained nurses was heightened and the work of the sister nurses in the Civil War was not forgotten. In 1898 the US government called for every sister that could be spared to be used for nursing services. The Daughters of Charity stepped up to the plate in a big way.

    These nurses worked night and day, content themselves with poor meals and poor beds while the men whom they cared for got every attention they could bestow. "The sisters from various Catholic institutions are doing especially good work, not that their will is any better than the other noble women who are working here, but because they are better trained and seem to have a sympathetic intuition that guides them at all times." This according to the newspaper report at that time.

    old nursing uniforms

    Historically, a typical nurses uniform consisted of a white dress, pinafore apron and a white nurse's cap. In some hospitals, however, student nurses also wore a nursing pin, or the pinafore apron may have been replaced by a cobbler style apron. This type of nurse's dress continues to be worn in many countries.

    It was not until the 1980’s that scrubs become popular to wear throughout the hospital and in many medical offices throughout the United States. Medical Scrubs started out to be minimal places for dirt to hide, easy to launder, and cheap garments to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. Surgeons didn’t wear any medical attire until the Spanish flu. At that particular time it was just masks and rubber gloves to protect themselves. Surgical green were the most popular medical scrubs for surgeons as were blue scrubs for other medical professionals.

    Wonderwink medical scrubs

    Today you can find all colors, fabrics and styles of medical scrubs to choose from. Some hospitals have gone back to a "uniform" look of everyone wearing the same color medical scrubs. Nursing students also wear nursing uniforms that must be in the exact same color and usually embroidered with their school name on them. There is now newer technology in fabrics for scrubs like the fluid repellant ones we carry by Vestex that been shown to decrease the spread of MRSA. 

    Do you like the new medical scrubs compared to the old nursing uniforms?
  31. The Fancy Scrubs Ovarian Cancer Walk Team

    Fancy Scrubs raised money again this year for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition with a walk through Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. It was a beautiful fall day with temperatures in the 70's for the 3 mile walk through the old well-kept park. 

    Fancy Scrubs team
    Lori and Lisa of the Fancy Scrubs.com team ready for the walk

    Ovarian Cancer walk in Providence
    The crowds started early for the walk

    Signs along the walk of the 3 mile walk

    Pumpkins along the ovarian cancer walk
    The park is getting ready for Halloween with their pumpkins for Jack-O-Lantern-Spectacular

    You too can make a difference by raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer by contacting the NCOO at 1-888-OVARIAN or email nocc@ovarian.org 

    You may also become an advocate like Carey from Teal Toes and teach the medical community to better understand the symtoms of early ovarian cancer. There is no early screening test available for ovarian cancer which makes it harder to recognize and diagnosis.

    Remember the symptoms:
    Bloating Pelvic or abdominal pain
    Trouble eating or feeling full quickly after eating
    Feeling the need to urinate urgently
     Other symptoms of ovarian cancer can include:

    Upset stomach or heartburn
    Back pain
    Pain during sex
    Menstrual changes  

    You may still donate if you like
    and Join us in 2013
  32. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Raising Awareness in the Medical Community

    By Carey Fitzmaurize, Teal Toes Founder

    Those of us who have been affected by ovarian cancer seek to raise awareness of the disease anywhere we can. My organization, Teal Toes, does so by encouraging folks to paint their toenails teal, the color of ovarian cancer awareness and, when people ask about it, to spread the word about the disease and its symptoms.

    But, the most effective, in the long run, will be to raise awareness in the medical community. All too often, the diagnosis stories we hear from ovarian cancer survivors involve missed symptoms and misdiagnosis. Ovarian cancer has symptoms, but they are subtle and often mistaken for something else. There is no screening test.

    The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's Survivors Teaching Students® (STS) program seeks to change this by educating medical professionals. The program brings ovarian cancer survivors into medical schools to help future doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and PAs put a face with the disease.

    We talk about how we were diagnosed and, often, answer specific questions the instructor has asked us to address such as how we were told we had cancer or secondary effects of treatment. The hope is that, whatever branch of medicine these students ultimately pursue, they will remember us and that ovarian cancer should be one of the possibilities to be considered when a woman complains of certain symptoms. The Survivors Teaching Students® Program is currently offered in over 100 medical schools nationwide and last year began offering presentations in nursing schools, NP and PA programs.

    As of this writing the program is offered in over 50 of of those programs. If you know of a school where the program is not currently being done, please contact Susan Leighton, National Program Director of the STS program, at sleighton@ovariancancer.org. For more information about this innovative educational program or to learn more about ovarian cancer, please visit www.ovariancancer.org.

    Have you been trained to detect Ovarian Cancer in your patients?

  33. Do You Think Your Nursing Scrubs Are Boring?

    Many hospitals and docotors offices now require medical workers to wear the same color nursing scrubs. Don't let your uniforms get too boring! 

    Some nursing scrub brands have added style like Mary Engelbreit with an added detachable flower applique for their pockets. They can add some style and flair to your scrub tops. Some of their scrub pants come with flower print inserts too. Others on the waistband. Why let your nursing scrubs get boring? 

    WonderWink scrubs come with Signature bungee loops for your ID that add a little style and a lot of functionality to your uniforms! They also have a  pair of pants that can be rolled up to look and feel like capri's for those hot days on long shifts.


    These nursing scrub pants have a ruffle detail at bottom flaps. You can also get the matching ruffle scrub top by WonderWink - part of their Mink collection - feather light baby soft fabric with a fit to flatter anyone.

    Both of these scrubs come in 7 different fashion colors.
    So try out some new stylish scrubs to stay in line with your color requirements.
    Nursing scrubs don't have to be boring anymore!

    We'd love to know what colors you MUST wear -
    Take our quiz at the top of the blog page today.
  34. Ovarian Cancer Awareness at Fancy Scrubs

    September is Ovarian Cancer Month and we are gearing up with teal scrubs and clogs for you. 10% of all the sales from these teal uniforms and shoes will be donated to Teal Toes. Teal Toes has been raising ovarian cancer awareness for several years.

    Did you know that the one of most decorated olympians has gone through Ovarian Cancer? Shannon Miller thought she had trained for it all until she found out she had ovarian cancer. At that time her son was just 15 months old. Like many others with ovarian cancer Shannon had no symptoms. She missed one of her yearly exams and when she went they found a baseball sizes tumor.  

    What can you do to protect yourself? 

    Get an annual exam and watch for the following symptoms:

    • Bloating
    • Abdonimal Pain
    • Difficulty Eating or Feeling Full
    • Frequently Having to Urine
    • Abnormal Bleeding
    • Excessive Fatique

    Ovarian Cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. One in 57 women are now diagnosed with it. Just a few years ago it was 1 in 70. 

    Fancy Scrubs will be particpiating the in the NOCC RI Chapter "Break the Silent on Ovarian Cancer" walk on Sepember 23, 20012. Feel free to join our team or donate here. This will be our second year attending the walk.

    Fancy Scrubs Team

    Check out these other fine resources and retailers that support ovarian cancer:
    Euro Beads - Beautful Teal Beads Made to Support the Cause
    Ribbons to Remember - Ovarian Cancer Awareness & Education
    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance - Working to Save Women's Lives

  35. How Often Do You Really Clean Your Stethoscope?

    Stethoscopes are a wonderful tool for all doctors and nurses to monitor patients hearts and lungs as well as bowel sounds and even to help patients hear better. But did you know that stethoscopes are also a carrier of many infections?

    According to the Journal of Family Practice: Swiping stethoscopes with alcohol pads is currently the gold standard for sanitizing these instruments, but physicians do not consistently use alcohol pads for this purpose. Moreover, the pads must be purchased and available for use, require an extra step, and produce waste that must be disposed of—and clinicians still have to cleanse their hands, often using alcohol-based hand foam. Using the foam to cleanse the stethoscope while cleaning hands requires no added cost or additional time, and may reduce or prevent serious nosocomial and community-based infections. 

    Early stethoscopes were little more than “ear tubes,” that were invented in 1816 by René Laennec at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris, France. Stethoscopes were updated a little over the years, but current designs are credited to Dr. David Littman of Harvard University who made them lighter and gave them better acoustics.

    Stetoscopes can detect many things such as:

    • High Blood Pressure 
    • Pneumonia via lung sounds
    • Heart Conditions - ie: Mumors or Click
    • Bowel Obstruction
    • Liver Disease
    • Great for Hearing Aid for Elderly Patients to Hear You
    • What else can you add here?

    Just like your medical scrubs and cell phones can spread germs from patient to patient so can your stethoscopes. Be sure to sanitizie your stethoscope throughout the day and keep everyone healthy.

    Protect yourself from the Swine Flu with CWI Medical Infection Control Products.

    *The above stethoscope image and link is an affilaite program 
  36. Nurses and Bed Pans

    My mom and her twin sister are both in the hospital with pnemonia. This isn't the first time they have done this together. When my mom first arrived in the Emergency Room the nurses were all running around the ER taking care of bed pans. I stopped one nurse to ask if any results were in after hours of my mom being there. The nurse replied said "I did not have any time to look at the computer as I'm busy taking care of bed pans." It got us wondering - how do you nurses keep up with all the bed pans? There are nurses aides that do this job but sometimes nurses must empty the bed pans themselves. 

     nurses and bedpans

    Why do hospitals still use the bed pans when there are now disposable underwear that could be put on patients when they arrive? Would it not save time and keep the patients dry and with added dignity? 
    Bed pans are not the only annoying to patients but are gadgets that present infection control challenges. A  study in the American Journal of Critical Care reported that bath basins are a reservoir for bacteria and a source of transmission of hospital-acquired infections, especially for high-risk patients. The nurse researchers found some form of bacteria grew on 98 percent of the sterile sponges used to obtain basin samples for culturing. Thirteen percent of the samples grew vancomycin-resistant enterococci and 8 percent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

    There are also disposable bed pan liners that are now used in European countries and in some US hospitals. They help to control the spread of infection as the plastic ones being washed and splashed upon can transmit germs. There must still use a plastic base to support a patient with these disposable bed pans.

    So nurses which do you prefer - bed pans or disposal undergarments
    Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  37. Dress Up Your Medical Apparel With Fancy Clogs

    Do you have to wear solid colored medical scrubs? If you do why not check out our fancy clog collection by Cape Clogs today. 

    Not only are they unique but they are orthopedic and hand-made in Sweden. These beautiful clogs are meant to last long with special care

    fancy apple clogs

    Choose from prints like horses, apples, flowers, zebra prints, popular leopard prints or from our Clogs for A Cure collection: Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Autism and Heart Disease. Proceeds from these go to organizations that help. See individual products on our Clogs for a Cure page and see where 10% of the sales proceeds go.

    So don't settle for drab medical wear from your head to your toes, check out our orthopedic clogs hand made in Sweden to sure put a smile on your patients today! Your feet will love them too.

  38. 5 Ways To Improve The In-Home Care Of Elderly

    Written by Amy Trenton—a writer for Rescue Alert.

    With the increase in age, elderly people usually become incapacitated and in some instances are unable to perform simple tasks; this is where nursing care comes in. The elderly are usually weak and in some instances might be suffering with illnesses associated with old age; this makes a nurse an invaluable asset when it comes to care giving for the elderly.

    As a nurse, you should incorporate some measures in the nursing procedures so as to ensure that the health of the elderly is factored in a way that is guaranteed to improve it. The following are some techniques to improve the in home nursing care for the elderly.

    Healthy nutrition can never be outgrown and this should be considered as a very important feature in the nursing procedure. The amount of nutrients required by senior citizens usually varies as compared to the nutritional requirement of a young person. The nurse also take into consideration illnesses an elderly person may be suffering from as some illnesses like diabetes can be escalated by an inappropriate diet. A nurse should formulate a nutrition plan meeting the specific requirements of an individual.

    The senior citizens are usually exposed to different health hazards that can include obesity, muscle weakness, high cholesterol levels and even high blood pressure. Research has shown that a good way to fight against these complications is through physical exercises. It is therefore recommended that a nurse should incorporate exercises in the nursing pan.

    However most elderly people are prone to inactivity and this is very instrumental in the onset of such health complications. They tend to be have limited flexibility, mental equilibrium and also diminished body strength and so, these factors should be taken into consideration when working out an exercise regime for the senior citizens. The exercise routine for the elderly should be mild and can include walking, yoga, and swimming and light weight lifting.

    Safety Precautions
    This is a very important factor when it comes to in house care for the elderly. The elderly tend to be weak and can get injured very easily by certain items positioned around the residence. It is therefore recommended that a nurse should take relevant measures to ensure that these potential threats are eliminated. Items like hand rails along the corridor and anti ligature furniture with soft rounded corners should be put in place to avoid accidents and falls.

    Memory Games
    Forgetfulness is one of the most common features that are associated with old age. A majority of the elderly are usually prone to memory lapses with the onset of old age. It is advisable for nurses to include activities aimed at increasing brain activities for their in home charges. The common games are usually board games, memory books with pictures, and card games.

    The elderly usually get irritated very easily and the major cause for this is boredom. It is recommended that a nurse should set up an activity list for the elderly. This list of activities aimed at reducing the boredom level in the elderly. It is also recommended that a nurse should incorporate feeding time and medicine admission time in the list.

    What other ways do you think help the elderly in their in-home caring needs?

  39. Nurses Do You Like To Pin? 

    Pinterest has become the hottest social network on the web today. It's simply a visual pinboard. People are spending more time there to browse images daily and pin their favorites onto their own boards. If you enjoy pinning - come join us over there today!

    We would love to have suggestions from you for some new boards that you would find fun! Do you like to pin about nursing? Or would you rather pin about movies? Maybe some recipes mixed in? Or maybe gardening? The list can be endless. Please leave us a comment here or tweet us your suggestions for new pinboards. 

  40. We will be giving away a $35 gift card for a purchase of any scrubs or clogs on our website at the Scars Are Sexy Facebook page  starting on Friday, June 1 through June 6, 2012! We wanted to help this organization who are on a mission to help individuals with scars. These scars can be physical, mental or emotional. They believe that all scars are sexy and that when they are embraced they can change people's lives for the positive. They invite everyone to share their scar story and take part in a social media movement that can change the world.

    Founder of RockScar Love Amy Tippins is a tissue and organ transplant patient herself. She has been coaching others for years through her transplant experience. She is on the Board of Directors of the National Kidney Foundation GA/AL chapter.  
  41. Who is Mary Engelbreit and What Makes Her Nursing Scrubs the Cutest?

    Mary Engelbreit is known worldwide for her unique illustrations with her wit and nostalgic warmth. She was a young girl who just wanted to draw pictures. She started her own studio at the young age of 11 in a linen closet and drew there for hours. After high school she worked in an art supply store and years later at a small advertising agency. She wanted to illustrate for children’s books. She was told to try her hand at greeting cards instead by a publisher.

    That is where she found her artistic success. She ended up with over 6,500 products in all over 30 years and more than $1 billion in retail sales. She has drawn over 4,000 images over her career to date. Not only do her drawings appear on greeting cards but calendars, gift, fabrics even cell phone covers!

    After Mary spent some time in the hospital she decided to design nursing scrubs as she spent a lot of time with the nurses there. That is where her logo for Queen of Cute came about.

    The Queen of Cute Medical Uniforms

    Her cute uniforms are designed with removable flower appliqués and print lining. They come in both prints and solids. They have something cute to offer for every medical professional. Some of her designs include Ribbons of Hope, Recipe for Friendship, Love/Home/Family and Friend print, First Bloom and many more. She also has a collection of scrub pants and some available in petite sizes as well.

    Mary now lives in Missouri with her own family. Her studio in Missouri licenses dozens of manufactures to product her art.

    So if you want to fancy up your nursing apparel wear check out
    our Mary Engelbreit selection today. You’ll see why they are called the “Queen of Cute” and how affordable they are too!
  42. Walk For The Huntington Disease Cure!

    Join Fancy Scrubs on June 2nd for the local 5th annual Rhode Island Affiliate walk-a-thon. This beautiful  3 mile walk is along the Narragansett Bay in Colt State Park. Or contribute to our fundraising page and collect pledges from family, friends, and others and help us get closer to a cure to Huntington's disease. If you are local please enjoy a fun day with refreshments, raffle, music, and children's entertainment with us.  

    There is no known cure for this disease that in the United States, about 1 in every 30,000 people has Huntington's disease. The disease is a brain disorder that affects a person's ability to think, talk, and move.  Some people may lose 25% of their brain cells before they die from this uncurable disease. Huntington's disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. Everyone who inherits the faulty gene will eventually get the disease. A parent with a mutation in the HD gene has a 50/50 chance of passing on the disease to their children.

    Symptoms May include:
    • Behavioral disturbances
    • Hallucinations
    • Irritability
    • Moodiness
    • Restlessness or fidgeting
    • Paranoia Psychosis
    • Facial movements, including grimaces
    • Head turning to shift eye position
    • Quick, sudden, sometimes wild jerking movements of the arms, legs, face, and other body parts Slow, uncontrolled movements
    • Unsteady gait
    • Dementia that slowly gets worse, including: Disorientation or confusion
    • Loss of judgment
    • Loss of memory
    • Personality changes
    • Speech changes
    • Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease: Anxiety, stress, and tension Difficulty swallowing
    • Speech impairment Symptoms in children include rigidity slow movements and tremors 

    So join us June 2nd to help raise money to fight this disease
    donate here to the cause.
  43. See Why Other Nurses Now Are Getting The Wink!
    We got the Wink too at Fancy Scrubs.com. We are so excited to have the WonderWink nursing uniform brand here. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on April 29 and launched a line to better serve you. These scrubs come with size charts on every product as well as a sketch of the back view. We have better inventory control too with this new brand of medical uniforms. 

    WonderWink Nursing Scrubs

    They have ladies sizes and unisex sizing. Men's coming soon too. They have the cutest prints and very bright fashionable colors to choose from. 

    A cute Wink nursing scrub top
    Did we also mention how affordable these adorable nursing scrubs cost?  They start at just $12.99 and as always we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $59 or more. 
    We'd love to know if you'll get the Wink too.
  44. Enter today for your chance to win Free Jockey Scrubs from Jockey
    during Nurses Week May 6-12.
    "The most comfortable scrubs you'll ever wear"

    Win Free Jockey Scrubs
    New summer styles coming soon including new summer prints! Fashionable scrubs in the sun....

    Our Jockey fit mirrors today's fashions-closer to your body. Yet the Jockey jersey knit's stretch and the tri-blend twill's spandex allow more movement for absolute comfort for you. The Tri-Blend is wrinkle-resistance which means near-effortless care for today's busy medical professionals like yourself. This fabric's two-way stretch with soft, cling-free drape also means comfort - to the max.  
    Enter to win your Free Jockey Scrubs
    at www.Most-Comfortable-Scrubs.com today! 

    Visit our Jockey page to see more styles and stock today.
  45. April - Austism Month

    April is Autism Awareness Month. 1 in 88 kids now have an autism-like disorder in the United States alone according to recent government statistics. The reasons for this largely remain a puzzle to public health officials. 

    Autism puzzle clogs

    What are some of the signs to look for in autism?
    • If a child does not coo by at the age of 18 months old
    • If a child does not gesture or point to things by 12 months old
    • If a child has a loss of language or social skills at any age
    • If a child does not say a single word by 16 months old
    • If a child does not say 2 word phrases on their own by 24 months old 

    There are many more symptoms possible like a child not responding to their name or explain what they want. They do not point to things or know how to wave goodbye.  They do not have eye contact or smile when being smiled at. Doctors should evaluate babies at every well visit for any sign to be present.  If a doctor sees any signs he can send the child to a specialist and if confirmed start early intervention as soon as possible.

    We at FancyScrubs.com are offering 10% off our Autism Puzzle Clogs and 10% of the sales will go the Doug Flutie Jr Fund that helps families along the way with Autism.

    So show your suport today to those families with autism in these puzzle one step at a time clogs today in adult and children sizes. They are made in Sweden with genuine leather uppers and are orthopedic - great for wearing long hours when on your feet.

    Why do you think there are many more kids with austism-like disorders now than ever before? Do you think it's the environment, vaccines or other factors?
  46. Eighty Percent is Service!

    Do you ever wonder why you go to a particular restaurant, grocery story or a department store? Let’s talk for a second about your favorite restaurant. Why do you go there? The food is good, the location is convenient but most of all you enjoy the service when you are there. A good waiter/waitress will provide you with outstanding service in order to increase his or her income through what you will tip. You could go to the nicest restaurant in your town and have to wait an hour for a table with no one approaching you or making you feel comfortable. A smart restauranteur is in the front of the house shaking hands, getting to know his customers who are waiting, perhaps even serving appetizers while you are waiting.

    restaurant service

    Any brick and mortar establishment, whether a department store or grocery store, should have knowledgeable people on their floor to direct you to the product or service that are you are looking for. There is no greater frustration than walking around aimlessly in a store not finding what you are looking for. I have had personal experience actually having to ask a customer in a grocery store if they shop here often and if they knew where a particular product is. There was no one representing the grocery store to be found.

    There is actually a local chain here in Rhode Island that sells everything from tires to toys and as part of their advertisements they have a customer walking through the aisles saying “Hello, Hello Can I Get Some Help?” This chain always has representation on the floor to help you find what you are looking for at all times.

    As president of FancyScrubs.com I will personally make the calls 7 days per week in order to inform you about out of stocks or to even thank you for your purchase. We are a small company that realizes that customer service is a more like 95% of what we do. If you ever have a question or can’t find something, feel free to contact us anytime 7 days a week via email or with a phone call.

    For example Raenetta called us to see if we could overnight a set of scrubs for her granddaughter.

    We had to contact our suppliers and low and behold we were able to do it at an additional charge for the overnight. You can read her testimonial here:
  47. Shhh…Female Nurses – Are You in “Menstrual Synchrony”
    with Your Co-Workers?

    We have heard this phenomenon over the years that women who live together or work together tend to get their periods around the same time each month. After working near each other for almost a year their periods seem to synchronize to those they work the closest with. This happened again recently with Lisa and we had to explore the topic more.

    Nurses working together

    This phenomenon all started with Martha McClintock. In a paper published in Nature in 1971 she found that “social interaction” in a college dormitory setting could have a strong effect on the menstrual cycle. It took 4-7 months of living together for their periods to synchronize. A follow-up study in 1998 tended to support the hypothesis that pheromones were involved: smelling armpit secretions of other women could either lengthen or shorten cycles depending on what part of her cycle the donor was in. Does this mean women smell each other’s armpits?

    The chemical signals (scents) are called Pheromones – They are airborne chemical signals that are released by an individual into the environment and which affect the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species. It was unclear if these were present in humans. By showing in a fully controlled experiment (in 1998) that the timing of ovulation can be manipulated, this study provides definitive evidence of human pheromones. The existence of human pheromones has been controversial.

    Pheromones are chemical signals released by one individual that affect the behavior of another individual of the same species. They can be useful for alarms, food trails, sex attractants, and other purposes. They have been well documented in insects and even in plants. In one memorable demonstration, a drop of oleic acid was all it took to persuade other ants that a live ant was dead; they dragged it back to the trash heap over and over, ignoring the fact that it kept protesting its trips to the ant graveyard by vigorously kicking, and that it kept “coming back from the dead.”

    There have been other studies in China and Poland that did not find the Menstrual Synchrony to pan out. Does this mean it does not exist? Or does it mean it only does sometimes?

    Back in the cave man times women menstruated at the same time as it was common for men to take multiple mates and efficient reproduction was essential to the survival of the species. This assumes that women in their brief monthly phase of peak fertility gave off some pheromonic signal that drove men wild. If his wives were on different cycles, he had a good chance of picking the wrong one when his nose tells him it's time to go into action, thus wasting precious bodily fluids. But if the women were all menstrually synchronized, he COULDN'T pick wrong — they were ALL fertile.
    Do our biological clocks still work with this theory in mind?

    nurses biological timeclock

    Nurses, we would love your take on the Menstrual Synchrony either by your own life experience or your schooling to become a nurse. Please leave us a comment here on it!

  48. Staying Fresh, Fit, and Fierce in the Nursing Profession

    An honorable profession. Nursing. From the LVN to the RN and BSN, all the way to nurse practitioner, the men and women who serve patients in a hospital setting represent those with the most contact with them. Because of this, they have the best opportunity to positively impact the lives of the frightened, ill, hurting, and dying in the health care environment.

    Those who naturally give of themselves, rarely give to themselves. But to stay on your game in the nursing profession, you've got to get a little ‘me time’. You can't truly, competently serve others if you feel worn out, tepid, and soft. Help yourself to elevate your ability to help others. This goal of creating a regular routine of 'me time' may prove especially challenging if you work as a shift nurse.

    But you, your patients, and your family, deserve the best. Be that – for you and for those you love.

    Get Your Fresh On
    What does fresh mean in relation to nursing? Fresh means keeping a curious, agile mind – one that's ready to consume and learn new information – all the time. Check out these tips about getting your fresh on and staying at the top of your mental game:
    • Get the daily Sudoku or crossword puzzle out of the newspaper. Brainteasers like these really do keep your brain fit and fresh.
    • Start a blog. Use one of the free platforms, such as Wordpress or Blogger. You can research for your next post, answer comments, and visit other blog sites during breaks and downtime (you know, like at 3:00 am at a hospital in some suburb or 10:00 am in the less desirable parts of town)
    • Stay up to date on current events – worldwide. It's important to know about milestones and happenings in the outside world. You can discuss these with co-workers, doctors, or even your shift supervisor on your break or other appropriate times. It never hurts to schmooze with the big dogs once in a while (raises, promotions, recognition)
    • Check out medical and nursing journals in those boring, sluggish downtimes. As long as you stay alert and at the ready when duty calls, others can't say much about your boning up on the latest health care news and information.

    Get Fit and Fabulous

    The long shifts, the same-ol'-same-ol', and the intermittent periods of high tension – all of these things wear away at your resolve to follow a regular exercise routine. By the time your shift ends, you're bone tired. Who wants to go to the gym and work out for an hour or more? Think about this quote by the famous anonymous, “No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everybody on the couch.” In other words, any physical activity you do is better than sitting around wishing you had the energy to move.

    • Put some pep in your step when you need to take a long trek around the hospital. Turn those boring, arduous hikes into vigorous, calorie burning activities.
    • Many larger hospital and health care facilities now have wellness centers with exercise equipment and Pilates or other classes. Take full advantage of these, sneaking in a butt burner or two during breaks, at lunch, or directly before and after your shift.
    • Invest in a relaxing yoga DVD to use after work. Not only does yoga relax and center the body and mind, it's a great way to get in shape if you've been out of the fitness game for a while.
    • Check out Crossfit – the new fast and furious fitness craze. After just a couple of training sessions, or following a DVD, you'll have the know-how to Crossfit all on your own at home or the park. It's inexpensive, effective, and you can do a whole workout in 30 minutes or less.
    • Please people, eat breakfast – a real breakfast – not a doughnut or a cheese Danish. You had the class. You know what's right. Do it.

    Get Fierce About Your Work 

    You chose to become a nurse for a reason. Get involved. Stay involved. Evolve. Learn new ways to think about what you do and share this with other fresh, fit, and fierce nurses.
    • Get involved in forming health care policy at a local, state, and national level. Many opportunities exist for think tanks and focus groups that take part in creating relevant and meaningful health care policy.
    • When things seem really bad, remember what you signed up for – to make a difference. Don't lose sight of the fact that you are making a real difference in the lives of those who can't help themselves.
    • Check out and get to know nurses and doctors from other departments. You may see an opportunity for a shift switch or for a lateral career move to shake things up a bit.
    • Befriend and talk to EMS staff. Listen to their war stories about the outside. Not only will this help them get a load off, you'll get a glimpse into another facet of medicine and health care.
    • Do your very best while you're on your shift. Deep dive into your work – give it all you've got. Don't count down minutes to your next break or days until the next vacation. This will eat away at your ability to enjoy what you came there for and make a true difference.

    Get out there. Stay fresh, fit, and fierce in the nursing profession to do the same outside of it. Give to others like there's no tomorrow – but don't forget to build the foundation and care for the vessel that houses your best nursing game.

    About the author:
    Samantha Gluck works as a freelance health care journalist, copywriter, and brand-positioning strategist. Numerous well-known newspapers and magazines across the US and UK, including the Houston Chronicle, Hartford Courant, and Balanced Living Magazine -- as well as various regional publications -- have published her work. Learn more about her and her work by visiting her sites: Medtopicwriter and Freelance Writing Dreams.

  49. Nurses are you required by your employer to get a flu vaccine?
     Is it mandatory for your job? 
    We were reading that Health Officials in Colorado State want all their hospital and nursing home employees to be vaccinated with no religious or personal exemptions. They state that patient safety outweighs personal choice. Should it be a law that a healthcare worker be vaccinated?
     nurses are you vaccinated?
    According to the CDC’s August report there were than a third of U.S. health care employees that did not get vaccinated last flu season. Research shows that the staffs that are not vaccinated have a decent chance of getting the flu and passing that infection on to at-risk patients. They could pass the flu to dozens of patients. The flu kills thousands of people each year in the United States.
    Why do so many nurses and healthcare workers not get vaccinated? What do they know? Is it because of the limited risks involved or that they don’t believe it is effective enough? About 13% of healthcare workers are mandatorily required to get vaccinated. But is that the way to go in this free country of ours to make it mandatory?
    Some hospitals require those that don’t get vaccinated to wear surgical masks throughout the flu season and even if they don’t work directly with patients. The mask policy, for example, did increase the uptake of the vaccine from 70 to 96 percent at one Massachusetts hospital, The Boston Globe reported in 2011. Would you want to be forced to wear a surgical mask if you did not believe in getting the vaccine? 
    We would love to know if you are required to get vaccinated where you work or not.
  50. What's Your Scrub Hat Style?
    Surgical scrub hats started to be worn back in the 1940's when healthcare workers focused on hygiene. They wore these scrub hats to protect patients from contaminants in their hair. In the 1970's doctors and nurses began to personalize their surgical scrub hats with their own designs and patterns. Today they are fashionable and still protect their patients from their contaminants. 
    scrub hats
    Patients may feel more comfortable with their doctors and nurses when they see a pattern they can relate to. Love cats? Wear a scrub hat with a cat pattern and your patients with cats will feel better and may talk about their cat to you. 
    We now offer several different styles of scrub hats for your collection. They are made with 100% cotton and come in several differences styles and many patterns to choose from. We have the tie back style if you have long hair.
    Want to look real stylish? We have a french bouffant style with 18 prints to choose from. 
    Stylish scrub hat
    This one comes in a heart print, coffee print, shopping print and more fun prints!
    We also have the skull scrub hat for men - easy to put on and stays on throughout a long shift - made with 100% cotton. 
    Mens scrub hat
    And of course we still have our soft poplin blend scrub hats made by Gel Scrubs and the Collegiate line of scrub hats to cheer on your favorite NCCA team or your alma mater. These Gelscrub hats can also be embroidered.
    What does your scrub hat say about your personality?  
  51. A Nursing Scrub Quilt
    We recently read about a woman who worked in a healthcare for many years and was inspired during her health challenges to ask the staff at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center for old scrubs so she could turn them into quilts for the needy. That made us wonder - has any other medical professionals turned their old scrubs into a colorful quilt? 

    nursing scrub quilt
    There are so many patterns and prints to choose from. How would you go about choosing?  If you collected Tooniforms you could use them for your quilt. Another popular print choice is animals.  There are many cute dog prints as well as cat prints. You could also make a holiday quilt from the holiday print collection of scrubs with Christmas trees or Valentine's Day heart prints.
    What a great way to help the needy and recycle your old nursing scrubs!
    Would you or someone you know make quilts? 
  52. Have You Been to Fancy Scrubs.com Lately?
    Have you been to our website lately and seen all the changes and improvements? We have been working hard these past few weeks to improve our website and offer you, our customers, a better experience as you shop for your medical scrubs and clogs.
    We are now an affiliate for Crocs. What does this mean to you? You can have one stop shopping here at Fancy Scrubs.com - We also can offer you their latest specials and more great selections of clogs and medical shoes.

    Free Shipping Day - December 16, 2011. We are again participating in the FREE SHIPPING Day December 16 on all items except our affiliates and New Balance Scrubs and Gelscrubs.
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    Stress Free Nursing - We are now featuring Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN with her own page and community for nurses. 
    Joyce Harell, RN OCN
    ~ As A Health and Wellness Coach, Nurse, Low Glycemic Educator, Vision Board Coach, and Former Over Stressed & Burned out Nurse: Joyce Harrell, invites you to powerfully and confidently take a step forward to take control over your stress and and be empowered to gain control of your health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit ~
    Inventory - We are working closely with our suppliers to keep up on the latest inventory. If there is something that you order and is no longer in stock, we will email you within 12 hours and may follow up with a phone call if we don't hear back. We also update the website daily and if there are just a few left you'll now see that too on the product.
    Please let us know how we are doing with a comment here or give us a product review of a recent scrub or clog purchase. 
  53. Our Dentist Dr. John G. Wade loves his dental scrubs that repel fluids.
    When I asked if could take his picture in his scrubs this morning after having my teeth cleaned he said "yes and I LOVE these scrubs, they don't fade or stain after months of wear."

    dental nursing scrubs

    Dentists are always at high risk for get blood splattered on them during dental procedures. This splattering can lead to the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases from patient to dentist.

    Vestex™ has a lower adhesion level than untreated scrub fabrics.  Fluids run off and other particles are repelled or can simply be rinsed off. Contaminants stay away from your skin. They also contain technology that makes the scrub garments naturally self-cleaning.

    Fluids literally bead up and fall off the garment!

    Get the best nursing scrubs you can buy today and you'll see why Dr. Wade loves his dental scrubs...

    Dr. Wade is on the Top Dentists list in the United States and his office of general dentistry is located in Warwick, Rhode Island.

  54. How Do You Handle Stress as a Nurse?

    By Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    I thought I would take this time to share my story. I will be a regular writer here, and I wanted you to get to know me, and where I am coming from. I’ve been a nurse over 21 years. Finishing nursing school with three children under the age of 6 was a tremendous undertaking. I was invincible. I thought. After all, with the dream of being a nurse since the age of 14, I knew this was my calling. It still is. I just have a different focus now.  I’m focusing on YOU.

    nursing scrubs

    As you know it takes a little time to find your niche in nursing. Some know they want to work with babies, or moms in labor. For many you just get in there and work a basic med-surg floor for awhile until you find your path, and then you specialize and certify and some even go into management. Most of us went into nursing to serve and help. “I wanted to help people” is the answer I get most often when I ask nurses why they became nurses.

    My experience started out on a medical floor. I then gained experience on an intense ICU/Open Heart recovery unit, then home health. When we moved back to North Carolina, I was briefly a charge nurse on a surgical unit until fate had me in an outpatient oncology unit and I found my niche. I LOVED the outpatient setting and quickly became the manager of the unit, and was ever challenged as this new unit grew, and grew, and grew. Then we added a heart failure department. I thrived in this area. After 6 years in this position I knew I would NEVER leave it. I was in my element. I loved the one on one personal interaction with the patients and their families. I tried to foster a very holistic environment. Then life happened to me.

    Within the course of 18 months I experienced major life events. My father died, my oldest son went to Iraq, my husband’s cousin (who was also our next door neighbor) was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and died 7 months later (I was present when she passed) leaving a husband and 2 young teen children, my father in law passed away unexpectedly, the secretary who had been with me 7 years got a job offer with pay so much more than I could offer her and she left, I hired the wrong person in her place who absolutely was a wrong choice and I let her go 3 months later but not before she did much damage to the schedule and other things too many to mention, my main chemo nurse had a daughter that needed a liver transplant and the week of my daughter’s wedding left on a moment’s notice to fly to Philadelphia for the transplant (I was so happy for her, and it saved her daughter’s life and she is doing GREAT today), my son came home from Iraq and experienced issues from a bomb that went off several feet away from him (still alive though, and I am very thankful for that), my daughter got married, and the gal I fired started harassing me by way of phone and other things. I think that about covers most of it.

    nursing scrubs

    I probably needed counseling but was really too stressed to see it. Instead I made a job change. I went back into staffing on an inpatient oncology unit at another hospital. Nights/Weekends. It was at this time I was introduced to essential oils. I wish I would have known about them at the time I was the manager at the cancer center. I may not have left had I known about the oils. Everything happens for a reason though. During my time on the unit, it allowed me to go back to school during the week, and devote time to starting a business. I opened an aromatherapy bar inside a health food store and continued my personal growth and development as well as more business development classes.

    Today, I still use essential oils for everything from stress to relaxation, from building my immune system to warding off colds and flu. If you are experiencing stress or overwhelm, I definetly suggest you take advantage of the counseling program your hospital may offer. In addition a few oils I suggest for uplifting you are oils like peppermint, any citrus oil, and many others. There are oils for grounding and relaxation. I use Certified Pure Therapeutic oils only. You can message me for more information on those.

    Currently, I am working as a contracted nurse educator and I travel. That contract is ending soon, and I am concentrated on helping nurses like you learn to work through the pain of your stress and to offer support by way of forming group chapters of support. In the upcoming articles I will share with you how to implement wellness and balance into your life. I am now a wellness coach and look forward to helping you find your path to wellness.

    Joyce Harrell is a Mom, Wife, Nana, Nurse, Health & Wellness Coach, Low Glycemic Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Author, Certified Vision Board Coach, and Aromatherapist.  Her unique talent is to empower self-acceptance and purposeful living utilizing wellness principles, , vision boards, and essential oils. Joyce emphasizes simple principles for individuals who desire to feel better about whom they are as they are empowered to bring positive changes to their emotional and physical selves.  In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Joyce has also received training as a wellness coach through Wellcoaches, and The Wellness Inventory coaching programs. She has co-authored the soon to be released book Heart of Success.


    In addition to her Health/Wellness coaching business, she has founded the organization Nurses On The Edge, for nurses who are stressed, eat on the run, or are on the edge of burnout in their nursing careers. Her wellness programs can be utilized by individuals, groups, or the workplace. You may contact Joyce at joyce@lowglycemicnurse.com, or get on her mailing list at http://www.lowglycemicnurse.com.  Receive your free copy of CPR for the Kitchen Pantry when you opt in for her newsletter. Nurses can sign up for The N.O.T.E. (nurses on the edge) newsletter at http://www.nursesontheedge.com.  

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    As the temperatures drop you may be feeling a bit cold in your nursing scrubs. Why not wear a long sleeve tee underneath your scrubs or uniforms? 
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    Long Sleeve Tee-Shirt
    So check out our Scrub Tee's today and stay warm as the temperatures begin to drop!
  56. October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    This October Fancy Scrubs.com is once again giving 10% of sales on any pink items to the Ellie Fund. We have expanded our selection of pink items with our new lines of New Balance, Scrub Ink and Gel since last October.  You see them in our Cancer - Awareness page.

    The Ellie Fund is a non-profit organization that fights Breast Cancer and eases its effects on patients and their families by providing transportation to and from medical appointments, with children, housekeeping, grocery shopping, preparing and delivering prepared meals that are nutritious.  They do this FREE of charge to hundreds of women and their families with breast cancer across Massachusetts.
    Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. 
     1 out of 7 women will be affected by Breast Cancer.
      Show your pink in support:  There are pink nursing scrubs, pink clogs and even pink clogs for kids!
  57. Today was the walk for Ovarian Cancer in Providence, Rhode Island and Fancy Scrubs.com participated this year.

    Thanks to those who participated and donated!

    Picture of our team....

    Our totals are not all entered you can visit them here.

    We hope to have an even bigger team next year.

    There were over 1,000 walkers this year for the event in Providence. 

    Join us in 2013!

  58. We now offer more men's medical scrubs than ever before. What makes them so different? Sure you can get unisex scrubs but men's scrubs are a little harder to find.

    Men's Medical Scrubs

    Here are some ways men's medical scrubs are different:

    • The Fit
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    Men's Medical Scrub Top You can also find men's clogs here too. Several brands, styles and colors to choose from just for men.

    Men's Clogs

    So check out our men's page today for your medical scrubs and clogs just for men!
  59. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Fancy Scrubs is donating 10% of the their Ovarian Cancer Teal Products to Teal Toes to promote awareness of this silent killer.

    You can also purchase 2 pairs of cute Ovarian Butterfly Clogs by Cape Clogs and Get 1 Pair FREE! Team up with someone in your office or hospital to order these for September today. 

    Butterfly Ovarian Cancer Clogs

    Learn more about Teal Toes with Lisa's visit with Teal Toes founder here.

  60. Hospital Infections

    How many healthcare providers are dense enough to ignore their colleagues on a national level? I personally came across one in a hospital in RI who would not even accept the recommendations of colleagues from across the country. He just kept eating his pasta salad. Kathleen Sebelius – Secretary of Health and Human Services wants to reduce rehospitalizations by 40% in the next 2 years.

    Kathleen Sebelius

    I represent a product line that could reduce rehospitalizations by 55% or even 60% in the next 2 years. My name is Ken Buben and I am the president of a company called Fancy Scrubs.com and I can save lives.

  61. Nursing Apps – Which Do You Use?

    Today the technology of mobile apps on Smartphones is endless and we were curious as to which ones nurses use on a daily basis. These are some we came across as curiosity got to us:

    • Symptom Checkers

    • Digital Imaging

    • Lab Results Review

    • Remote Heart Monitoring

    • ECG Viewer

    • Oxygen Level Remote Check

    MedlinePlus Mobile - Authoritative consumer health information from MedlinePlus.gov in a mobile-optimized Web site that includes summaries for over 800 diseases, conditions and wellness topics as well as the latest health news, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, and information on prescription and over-the-counter medications. It is available via the Web browser of any mobile device. 

    Apps we would love to see:

    • An app to lose weight

    • An app to stop a heart attack from progressing

    • An app to cure you of the common cold

    • An app to stop a headache

    • An app to stop you from choking when you are alone

    • An app to stop a stroke as it starts

    Is there an app that could just make you well?

    Please comment here and let us know which apps you use or if there is an app you'd love to see. We would love to know!

  62. Fancy Scrubs Now Offering Jockey™ Scrubs!

    Are you looking for new nursing scrubs and want to try something new but want style and comfort? No need to look any further - Jockey™ scrubs are now here!

    Jockey Scrubs

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    The most innovative, comfortable stretch fabrics help put Jockey™ Scrubs in a class all its own - easily moving with the wearer and meeting the day-to-day needs of the modern healthcare professional. Wrinkle-resistance means near-effortless care for today's busy professionals. Who has time to iron? This fabric's two-way stretch with soft, cling-free drape also means comfort - to the max.  
    Jockey Scrubs

    Jockey's fit mirrors today's fashions-closer to the body. Yet the jersey knit's stretch and the tri-blend twill's spandex allow more movement for absolute comfort. So try out a set today and you'll love the comfort and style of Jockey™ Scrubs now at FancyScrubs.com!

  63. Do you find yourself freezing in the summertime at work?

    You think summertime and you think hot until you arrive at work in your office or hospital. And then you began to freeze as the air condtioning runs to keep the heat out of the building. You have on your summer nursing scrubs and are rubbing your arms to keep from freezing. Have you tried a nursing scrub jacket? They are many pretty prints and solid colors now available to keep you from freezing in your air conditioned workplace.

    Nursing Scrub Jacket

    Air condioning can also aggravate arthritis and having a jacket to cover up in will help relieve the additional pain for the air conditioning. As with many things there are good and bad things about air conditioning. It keeps you from sweating in the summer heat and if not too cold will feel great after being outside in high humidity. If can also prevent allergies from kicking in. If it is too cold it will make you feel like you are in an icebox and if not properly filtered it can spread germs through the building.

    Nursing Warm Up Jacket

    So don't forget to bring your jacket to work or order a new one today and stay comfortable all day at your workplace! Let us know how you cope with the temperature changes at your office or hospital.

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    Today will be an extremely hot day in most of the country with temps here in the Northeast approaching 100 degrees. Do your medical scrubs keep you cool in this extreme heat?

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    Vestex™ hydrophilic properties wick moisture away from the skin on the inside of the fabric.

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    Vestex™ maintains a professional appearance even when you perspire.

    Vestex™ resists perspiration from being transported to the outside of the garment.

    Vestex™ dries noticeably faster than untreated fabrics.

    These special scrubs are breathable to keep garments clean, cool & dry.

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  65. Klogs USA

    Did you know our Klogs from Klogs USA come with a 1 year guarantee? All of their molded polyurethane klogs come with a full year guarantee. If during the first year of wear your pair of molded polyurethane KLOGS proves to be defective in workmanship or materials under normal wear (excluding insole wear and stains), we would be happy to send you a replacement pair of KLOGS. Our limited guarantee is valid for 1 year from date of purchase and defective product must be accompanied by original sales receipt to be applicable. You can return that product to KLOGS-USA directly by printing out KLOGS’ Wear Guarantee Replacement Form and following the instructions.


    These Klogs are made in the USA in Sullivan, Missouri since 1999.  Klogs USA are constructed using industrial strength molded polyurethane, a material that allows for excellent slip resistance and oil resistance. Both the outsole and footbed are made from a proprietary polyurethane formula that provides exceptional shock absorption and superior energy return.  This makes these Klogs Soft, comfortable, washable, and durable. The white polyurethane KLOGS are molded using Perma-White technology, ensuring our white Klogs stay brighter 10 times longer than the competition!

    Each of our KLOGS-USA styles are designed with a deep heel cup and come with a removeable footbed to accommodate most orthotics and arch support inserts.  Anyone can say their klog is slip resistant, but Klogs USA really wanted proof. Slip resistance tests were carried out by an independent leading research and technology organization for the footwear industry. These KLOGS were tested for slip resistance against the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F489-96 standard using the James machine (the James method is the test recognized by the U.S. Postal Service). Testing was conducted under dry, wet, and oily surface conditions using red quarry tile. The results? KLOGS-USA exceeded the standards in workplace environments resembling these conditions.

    So try on a pair today and feel the difference! They come in many styles and colors too. They also come in narrow, medium and wide sizes to fit your feet perfectly. So order a pair or two today, (Free shipping on orders of $59 or more) you'll be glad you did.

  66. Why Be A Nurse?

    Everyone needs to know their why…

    By Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    Do you remember the first time you decided you wanted to be a nurse? I do! I was 14, and was sitting in study hall one morning prior to school starting. I really don’t know how it popped into my head. Now, as I am a vision and wellness coach, I really believe we were all made for a particular purpose. We have something to do in a way that is unique to each one of us.

    When I started as a nurse, I did the usual medical-surgical stent. I knew this wasn’t where I was going to specialize, but it was a good start. I certainly remember the first patient I had to drop a blood sugar. I couldn’t get the charge nurse to understand something was really wrong with my patient. You know us young nurses could be so histrionic. However, I took her blood sugar and it was something like 19. So after an amp of D50, she was good to go, and I had survived my first blood sugar drop. There have been many more to come after that, but I never had to question what was going on when it happened after that.

    The majority of my career has been focused on cancer nursing. I never particularly liked chemotherapy and all the side effects that go with it. However, what I found was I felt bonded to the people who came in week after week for treatment and physician appointments. I have celebrated cures with my patients, and been at the bedside with others as their life slipped away with this disease. My husband always told me I wasn’t there to give the chemo, but to bond with families, and be that peace presence in the midst of their storms. I would have to agree with that.

    So this brings me to my title. Everyone needs to know their why. Nursing is not an easy field. I have heard my share of “wow, you are a nurse, you bring in the big bucks”. You know, there are some days there is not enough money in the world to pay you for what you go through. The past 4.5 years of my nursing career, I had gone back to the bedside after being a cancer center manager for 8 years. This work was incredibly hard. The acuity/staff ratio mix was too high many days. I felt some days that I wondered why I even became a nurse. It gave me a new respect for nurses at the bedside. Knowing your “why” is essential during you hard shifts.

    Athletes who run or do any type of strenuous sport run up against something they call the “brick wall”. This is the time in the marathon, or race they want to quit. They just don’t think they can go any further. It is during this time they quickly have to remember their “why”. If you are running up against your brick wall, you need to think back and remember your “why”. Why did you personally choose to go into nursing? For me, the answer was very simplistic and probably like most of your answers. I just wanted to help people. My why is plain and simple. I am a nurturer and enjoy caring for others.

    As I have grown in nursing, my focus has now shifted. I have been a nurse over 20 years now, and my focus has shifted from the illness continuum to the wellness continuum. I think after years and years of seeing the young die prematurely, and people suffer from illness that may have started from lifestyle choices, I have shifted to a nursing focus of helping people take responsibility for their health care by educating on how to make better choices.

    I left bedside nursing recently to focus in another area. I am renewed and refreshed. There are so many areas of nursing to work in. When you feel burned out in one area, take a few minutes to evaluate what it is you really want to do. Revisit your why. See if what you are doing lines up with your why. You may be in need of a change of nursing focus, or you just may need to go through that brick wall.

    What is your why? I would love to hear your why! You can email me at joyce@poweruphealthcoaching.com. When nurses share stories, they bond. Happy Nurses Week! Take time this week and reflect on your why and renew your passion in making a difference in the lives of others!

  67. Bedside Manners:

    It’s the Thought That Counts

    Patricia L Raymond MD FACP FACG

    Dr. Patricia Raymond

    It’s the thought that counts. That’s the phrase you hear when you look at your gift with bewilderment, seeking to understand—why this? Why to me? It usually comes as a set with a phrase about gift horses. And it’s always non-returnable, without a gift receipt.

    The phrase leapt into my mind and burrowed there this week when I received an email from one of our local large hospitals about this years’ plans to celebrate Nurses Week. It left me bewildered.

    The email, to the physician members of the medical staff, first educated the docs about Nurses’ Week; celebrated annually the week leading up to the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Fair enough; I didn’t know of the specific linkage of the dates.

    Then the email went on to tell us of the planned celebration, and I quote: At the April MEC, we decided to recognize the nurses of XXXXX by doing 3 things: --a banner will be hung outside the main entrance of the hospital thanking them for the care they provide; --each nurse on staff will receive a travel coffee mug with a message imprinted on it from the medical staff; and --on Saturday, May 8 we, the medical staff, will provide a free car wash for any and all currently-employed XXXXX nurses that wish to participate. This will be held in the parking lot in front of the Medical Office Building from 9 am to 3 pm. Physician assignments for shifts are being filled now, so if you have any interest in volunteering 2 hours of your time this Saturday, please talk to your respective department chairperson.

    The first two underwhelmed me: A banner (yawn.) A coffee mug (yippee, small font intentional and heavily sarcastic). The third confused me.

    They’re having the doctors wash the nurse’s cars on Saturday between 9 AM and 3 PM. What was this? Was it supposed to be allegorical, a staff of medical Jesi washing the feet of their disciples?

    My brain worked this rubix cube of a gift: But I don’t even wash and detail my own vehicle… and you believe that I’ll do an amazing detail job with yours…and to get your gift you must drive to work on your scant Saturday off within a brief window—wouldn’t you rather get a gift certificate from the car detailing biz just down the street, to use when you choose?…perhaps nurses really want to see their physician colleagues of all sexes in sopping wet tank tops and short shorts—kind of a “Physician Hooters” (although of course we’d go for a more clinical description, like “Mammaries”.)…

    Fortunately, I was at a nursing convention when I got this email, so I projected it on the screen during my presentation and asked for feedback. What did the nurses think about these plans?

    Not unsurprisingly, our celebration plans met with raspberries topped with derisive laughter.

    So, I asked them the question: “Beyond the collegial respect you are due from your doctor associates, what do you really want? What Nurses Week gifts have you enjoyed in the past?”

    I got some great answers, suggestions, and ideas: ⌂ A certificate for a meal for themselves and a loved one at a local 4-star restaurant ⌂ Movie tickets ⌂ Chair massages during their workday ⌂ A choice of a perennial plant or a house plant ⌂ A gift certificate for a spa treatment ⌂ A catered meal at the hospital to enjoy with their colleagues ⌂ Raffles throughout the day, evening, and night with “good” prizes—not coffee mugs ⌂ A catered affair after hours at a local museum with access to the museum and IMAX theatre.

    Not one of them wanted their physician colleagues to wash their vehicle. Really.

    My suggestion to my hospital? Ask the nurses how THEY’D like to celebrate their week, and then go for it. There’s something to be said for getting a gift that you actually want and can use, donch’a think?

    Oh, and Happy Nurse’s Week to all of you. You have my respect as a colleague. Just don’t expect to see me outside with a hose.

    Description: soupLooking for a sign to find good health? Let us help! Visit www.YourHealthChoice.net today and find the answers you need in our tip library; our doctor is always in! Coming soon: Your Health Choice Radio! A dose of funny health, directly to your ears! Need new energy, enthusiasm, & humor in your healthcare career? Get the prescription you've been looking for at www.RxForSanity.com . Time for that colonoscopy? Expel that fear of colonoscopy at www.ColonJoke.com, or get more endorphins via select video at www.ButtMeddler.com Patricia L. Raymond MD FACP FACG Founder, Rx For Sanity & Your Health Choice P. O. Box 1611 * Chesapeake VA 23327-1611 888/437-7286 (888- 4 Dr Pat 6) plraymond@rxforsanity.com

  68. That Extraordinary Child

    by Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    Joyce Harrell

    Through my years as a nurse, the type of nursing I have done has been targeted towards adults. There was a short stent, and I mean very short, where I was expected to care for pediatrics because they we at the end of the hall on one of the adult units. These little people had special needs very much different than their adult counterparts. I was never totally comfortable on that unit. I think the work I did as a nursing student on a pediatric cancer ward pretty much decided for me I didn’t want to be a pediatric nurse. There was just too much pain.

    With children there are numerous developmental stages we learned about during school. Trust vs. mistrust for example. Eric Ericson has done a great job in categorizing different stages that we must all go through to be a well adjusted adult. What happens when your child doesn’t develop according to plan? What happens when your child doesn’t start talking when he or she should talk?

    How does a parent feel when their child isn’t reaching developmental milestones by the age they should? Bringing awareness to developmental delays and early screening for autism spectrum disorders can mean early intervention for children born with this problem. Statistics show that 1/110 will be born with some type of autism disorder. This development disorder affects a person’s ability to interact and communicate with others.

    We have a friend in Indiana with a son diagnosed with autism very early in his years. This young man is an adult now. However, for the first 17 years of his life, he was unable to communicate with this parents and teachers. With the rise in usage of computers, and keyboards, he was given the opportunity to learn to type. This young man for the first time in 17 years was able to communicate words with his mother and father. As he learned to spell words, he was able to tell his parents how he felt about things. What an awesome opportunity to find a way to communicate. What a tragedy all these feelings had been trapped inside with no way to express. Thanks to early identification, children are able to have learning opportunities now that weren’t available when this young man was growing up.

    My sister in law is a teacher of special needs children. She has shared stories with me of many of the students she has. One family she told of has three boys, and they all have been diagnosed with some type of autism spectrum disorder. I know of another woman who has two boys and they both have been diagnosed. Their disabilities vary. What is common is that you can have a diagnosis of autism, but your needs and requirements can be totally different than someone else diagnosed with autism. This disorder has not received very much attention. And you know, when something doesn’t receive much attention, the money for research is not there.

    I would like to take time to bring to your attention a very worthy organization, www.extraordinarychild.org. This organization is based in Rhode Island. They will serve the surrounding states and have brought attention to the special needs of autistic children. As I wrote, the differences from one child to another can be very diverse. These challenges range from tactile differences, to intolerances to noise, lights, textures of food, and other stimuli. Extraordinary Child will be built with the needs of special children in mind. This will be a place where these children will play and learn in a safe environment. Extraordinary Child will be a model for the rest of the country to learn from. Jennifer Gingras is the founder of Extraordinary Child, and has 2 extraordinary children.

    Extraordinary Child

    I would also like to bring attention to a very special person who is an activist for autism research. Her name is Anna Angelosanto. Anna has a very beautiful extraordinary child named Aly. These women, Jennifer, Anna, and others like them work tirelessly to bring attention to Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can find Extraordinary Child on Facebook. Please “like” this page and find out more about what they are doing.

    My friend, Lisa of www.fancyscrubs.com is a support of autism research. Lisa and her husband are so generous in that they are always giving a portion of their business earnings to organizations worthy of support. In today’s economy where “big industry” has overtaken small businesses, I like to find those small businesses that make a difference and support them. I highly recommend www.fancyscrubs.com for their personal attention and excellent customer service. They have clogs that represent different challenges like autism, and cancer.

    Autism Puzzle Clog

    What I would like to leave you with is a comment about the parents of these beautiful children who are so extraordinary. These parents often time have stress, and work without thought to their own needs as they meet the needs of their very special children. Please take time if you know any of these very special people to see if there is anything you can do for them. Something as simple as going to the grocery store, or seeing if you can build a relationship with the child, so you can allow your friend to do something they never do, like get a massage, or have 30 minutes to themselves. See if you can help watch their other children for a time out. A good resource for more information of what you can do is found at www.autism-society.org.

  69. Friday, April 29, 2011 is our First Anniversary! We are celebrating by giving out our special Syringe Pens to anyone who purchases a Vestex scrub or an order of $50 or more through April 30, 2011

                                                                fancy scrubs syringe pen

    We started a year ago with just 1 brand of scrubs, Trend and one brand of clogs, Cape Clogs. We have since added many brands and many more styles to our medical uniform collection. We have continaully offered FREE shipping on orders of $59 or more even as the cost of shipping has climbed during this past year.

    Our favorite and unique line Vestex medical uniforms is our pride. They offer protection from bodily fluids and germs. They come in 5 colors and 2 lengths of lab coats and a surgical gown. We now offer in-house demo's in the New England Area. We recently were an exhibitor at the Women's Expo in April at Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, RI. So get protection today and we'll send you our syringe pen that was such a hit at the Women's Expo.

    Any comments or suggestions please drop us a comment here.

  70. April is Autism Awareness Month


    The United Nations declared the first official World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2008. This was a global awareness effort to heighten the awareness about the disorder that affects millions of people and their families. This brain disorder inhibits a persons ability to communicate and form social relationships and has behavioral challenges along with it. 1 in 110 children in the US are affected by this disease.

    Here at FancyScrubs.com we wanted to help a local organization near and dear to our heart - the Extraordinary ChildThis New England group is a non-profit organization which will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children with and without disabilities and their families to engage in safe, fun, therapeutic, and social interaction. This facility is planned to be in Cumberland, RI. It will provide recreational activities for children of all ages with developmental challenges so that they will be able to participate in play experiences and develop their skills as optimally as possible.  According to the founder Jennifer Gingras "my goal is to touch the lives of as many children and their families by creating a facility that can accommodate children with special needs of all ages, a facility which would allow any child to play."  


    So please help them build this unique extraordinary facility for the extraordionary children - purchase any pair of clogs from our website and we will donate $10 from every pair to them during the month of April. We have over a 100 pairs to choose from in Cape Clogs, Klogs USA and Anywear Clogs. Please share this info with as many people as you can to help this Extraordinary Group raise funds during the month of April!

  71. Have YOU Had Your Colonoscopy Yet?

    Bottom line…I’m Talkin’ to You! The Divine Butt Meddler,

    AKA Patricia L. Raymond MD FACP FACG


    Dr. Patricia Raymond

    Whatcha waiting for? Colon cancer is our second leading cause of cancer death, right after lung cancer. Six percent of Americans get it…it isn’t rare. However, it is one of our most preventable cancers …and lets face it, if you’re reading this blog, wouldn’t you do just about anything to prevent rather than undergo treatment for cancer? Ya talkin’ to me?

    Yes you! Everyone at age 50 needs a colonoscopy to look for and remove polyps, the little mushroom-like growths in the colon that over a ten to fifteen year span can grow up to become cancer. Start earlier if you’re African American—age 45. Twenty to forty percent of people over fifty have one or more polyps. You need your colonoscopy sooner if:

    • You have symptoms, such as chronic diarrhea or constipation, a change in the shape of your bowel movements (some people do look, y’know), or visible blood on the bowel movements or even on the toilet tissue (if I had a nickel for every time a person said “I thought it was just hemorrhoids…”)

    • You have a relative (parent, sibling, child) with colon cancer, especially before they were fifty. The rule of thumb is that with the increased risk, your screening should occur at ten years before their age at diagnosis. Thus if they were 50 years old, you should start screening at 40. Before you blow a gasket, this increased risk is still only 10% compared to 6% for average risk Americans.

    • You’re a survivor of a ‘girl cancer’. If you had uterine or ovarian cancer, or are ten years after the diagnosis of cervical cancer and had radiation treatment for your cervical cancer, your risk of colon cancer is intensified. If you were diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer before 50 years old, your risk of colon cancer is shocking…up to as much as four times the average risk! Run, don’t walk to the telephone to call your doctor, and insist on referral for a colonoscopy now!

    There is some good news to all of this. The myth of increased colon cancer in breast cancer survivors turns out to be just that…a myth. And the increased risk with cervical cancer is from the radiation, not the cervical cancer. No pelvic radiation, and you’re at average risk. However, you’re not off the hook for screening just as if you were an average American!

    Get off your buts (as in, “But, I don’t want to…”, “But, I can’t take the time of from work…”, and the perennial favorite, “But, it’s soooo icky…”,) and take it to a gastroenterologist for screening…you’ll be glad you did. Watch our video for a toe tapping digestive ditty in homage to CCR’s “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” at www.ButtMedder.com.

    And if you’re behind on your colonoscopy, call your gastroenterologist.

    We’d be happy to rectify that!

    Virginia gastroenterologist, Patricia L. Raymond M.D. FACG is an author and consultant, who speaks to nurses and physicians through hospital systems and medical conventions. With her company Rx For Sanity (www.RxForSanity.com) , she humorously leads physicians and nurses to rediscover their joy in medicine. She is the host of Your Health Choice Radio (www.YHCRadio.com). Dr. Raymond earned her degrees at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and The College of William and Mary, and is a Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology and the American College of Physicians. The author of "Don't Jettison Medicine: Resuscitate Your Passion For the Career You Loved", “Colonoscopy: It’ll Crack U Up!” and “Colonoscopy Is A Gas!”, Dr. Raymond’s upcoming opus is “Colonoscopy: It’s Not A Party Until Somebody Loses Their Pants!”

  72. FancyScrubs.com will be donating 5% of all sales for the next 3 months to the American Red Cross. After watching all the images coming from Japan we wanted to do something to help in this ongoing crisis.You may also donate directly through this link here for the American Red Cross.

    American Red Cross

    Doctors and aid workers are geting to work in Japan. A massive emergency response operation is underway in northern Japan, with world governments and international aid groups coming together to bring relief to the island nation.

    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta is in Japan to report on Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami and you can submit your question to Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the medical and health crisis in Japan.
  73. Spring has arrived here at Fancy Scrubs.com and we've been busy as bees adding more of the Spring lines of nursing scrubs for your Spring scrub wardrobe.

    Peanuts Scrub Top

    Put some smiles on your patients faces with prints featuring Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Peanuts featuring Charlie Brown and a very cute top with The Seven Dwarfs.

    Sesame Street scrubsAnd le'ts not forget the popular Betty Boop scrub prints as well as Winnie the Pooh and Marie in Paris from the PBS special. So take a look around the website and see what's new here at FancyScrubs.com today!

  74. Finding Your Ideal Nursing Job
    By Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    I have been a nurse for more than 20 years. If there is any advice I can give new graduates or nurses today it would be to really think about what you want out of your nursing career. I knew at the young age of 14 I wanted to be a nurse. After becoming a nurse I realize now I allowed many of my experiences to be left up to chance. My nursing path turned and twisted down a road which took me to Oncology Nursing. This has been very fulfilling for me in many ways. However, at my deepest longing there really was another path I wish I had followed. Looking back is hindsight and hindsight is 20/20.

    My passions and dreams are unique to me as well as your dreams and passions are for you. Personally, I have always been attracted to natural health and complementary and integrative therapies. Early in my nursing career, I just didn’t see how nursing integrated with natural health. I felt I needed to either be a nurse and work in a traditional hospital setting, or work in natural health which was a passion of mine. I didn’t see at the time I could have integrated the two. I have nurse friends that capitalize on their passions for the natural such as yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy, and cellular nutrition education. I am now following my passion and integrating this with being a nurse.

    Your passions may be totally different. You may have a passion to see babies born and help new moms nurse the new lives, but you work in ICU and are miserable. Why do we end up in jobs that are not a good fit for us? Some theories are you need a few years solid medical-surgical nursing before you branch out into specialties. I see that reasoning if you want to work in home health. I believe you do need a good base of experience before working more independently. However, if you have a passion to help bring new lives into the world, will you get a bad taste in your mouth for nursing if you take a position in an area where you really don’t want to work but it was the only opening at the time? Just a thought…

    White Swan Nursing Scrubs

    As a new nurse, you really may not have a clear idea of the area you want to work. Many hospitals have new nurse intern programs where you work a few days or weeks in most all areas in the hospital. If you don’t have a clear cut area you wish to work, starting out in a basic medical surgical unit may be a great idea.

    If you have a particular area you want to work, then start right away taking steps to get there. Look up CEU’s associated with the particular area you wish to work, and complete these courses. Sign up for workshops in the areas you wish to learn more about. Find places to volunteer in areas of your interest. Beef up your resume in the area you want to work by doing these things and forming your portfolio.

    If you really need clarity, find a good coach. Coaches don’t give you the answers, but help you bring up the answers that are already within you. I took this step and it has really brought clarity to me and I am now on a focused path. Like I said, hindsight is 20/20. I would be far ahead at this point as a Holistic Nurse if I had started on this path when I first became a nurse. The great thing for me is I am now focusing on my area of passion, and I am very happy.

    Steps to take: 1) take an honest look at where you are. 2) realize where you really want to be. 3) Start taking steps to get there. I would really love to hear from you and have you share with me as you are becoming focused and beginning to make your career plans.

  75. Nurses- How are you getting to work during this tough winter?


    Do you sleep over at your office or hospital? Does someone give you a ride or are you allowed to take the really bad days off?

    We saw this image several times in emails this week and wondered how nurses make it to work in these tough winter conditions throughout the country.

    Please let us know here at our blog and drive safe!

  76. Nurses and Maternity Leave

    After reading the blog on KevinMD ‘s website about the research showing “It is not until about eight weeks of age that an infant has a fully developed capacity for mutual gaze”, we began to wonder how much time do nurses take for their maternity leave. 21 years ago I had to return to work after 4 months due to financial circumstances and with 2nd child I was lucky to have 6 months off but had to return on that day or not have a job. So we wondered how nurses today deal with this return to work issue.

    maternity scrubs

    Are the places they work flexible? Do the hours allow them to return after just 6-8 weeks? Do many take the 12 weeks unpaid that is now allowed by the law since 1993? (Family Medical Leave Act) Also do nurses work right up to the time they deliver their babies? Are they able to still perform their daily jobs or do they have to change jobs to keep on working?

    Being on one’s feet all day is hard enough but adding 20 lbs of weight to the mix all day must be challenging. Other women who work at desk jobs can continue working right until the day of their delivery if all is well health wise and they don’t tire out from exhaustion in the last few weeks as I had. So we at FancyScrubs.com are curious as to how nurses today cope with the demands of job, pregnancy and a maternity leave.

    Feel free to comment here at our blog.  We’d love to hear from you!

  77. How Will Nursing Scrubs Look On You?

    Check out this new feature from Scrubs Magazine: It shows you actually how the scrubs will look on you for your body type and which ones will fit you the best @ scrubsmag.com/style  

    Nursing scrub top by VestexTooniform Scrub Top

    This is for both women and men to see what will look great on their body shape and size. Check it out today and then come back to order your new nursing scrubs today!

  78. Germ-killing Uniforms for Doctors

    Nurse Wilma Schmidt (below) put Vestex scrubs to work earlier this year in Haiti.

    germ killing scrubs

    Read more here on the fluid resistant uniforms when Wilma Schmidt, a nurse at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Bradenton, Fla., volunteered to treat earthquake survivors in Haiti earlier this year and Vestagen donated scrubs for her and other emergency medical workers to try out.

    FancyScrubs.com Now Carries the Vestex Line of Medical Uniforms for Your Protection!

  79. Working on a Holiday

    Let’s be honest here (and I always am): no one likes to work on a holiday, unless you have nothing else to do. I can always think of something else to do, like spend time with family and friends. So to find that you are working both Christmas Eve, Christmas Day night, New Years Eve, and New Years night is just the pits. For my given schedule, I work the night-weekend option shift on a regular basis. So this year all these holidays fell on my weekends to work. With that being said, I never let a situation like this get the best of me. My second family is at work. If you are close with co-workers, they do become your second family. A little planning ahead is what is needed to make this all work.

    nurse working on holidays

    First, we bought holiday scrubs to wear during the season. I did happen to buy my scrubs from www.fancyscrubs.com. They have excellent customer service, a nice selection, plus they have a quick delivery. We have been wearing holiday scrubs then entire month of December.

    Second, plan ahead. We have known for many many months that we would be working the holiday weekends. So what did we do? We made a food plan. We partied on Christmas weekend, and we are partying on New Year’s weekend. Lots of food! We opened up the break room on Christmas weekend and had food both nights and anytime we wanted, we walked in and picked up a plate. (yes, I am a weight loss & wellness coach, but SHHH! A girl’s gotta have some down time) We are taking food in tonight for New Year’s night.

    Third, make it fun for the patients. I bought a chimney hat with a Santa coming out of it. I wore it to work for my first rounds on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Really, the patient’s didn’t want to be there. So, I made it fun for them. On a serious note, we really did all of the above. However, as caregivers, we are there to care for the sick and those needing us. So, even though deep down, we would love to have had more time with our families, I don’t regret the time I had with my patients.

    Serving and caring for someone else is who we are as caregivers. So, on those rare events when life hands you two weekends of holidays back to back and you have to work them…you do it with love.

  80. We wanted to add more lines of scrubs this year to give our customers more choices when choosing their medical uniforms. We found Gelscrubs to be that line.

    Gel Scrubs they are perfect for medicalwear, casualwear, sleepwear and workoutwearTM


    We offer the Gel Scrubs - Classic Set. 65% Polyester, 35% cotton brushed poplin blend made in USA with drawstring pants. Top in V-neck with breast pocket. Sizes XS-5XL.

    Crimson Gelscrub set

    You may also choose from the Collegiate line of Gelscrub sets. We are adding more colleges and universities to this line daily. They offer 159 different colleges and universities from their complete line. University scrub sets in Gelscrubs are in their very own sanded fabric! The Gelscrubs fabric is wrinkle-free 65% polyester, 35% cotton. The Gelscrubs set is with the logo collar and drawstring. Perfect for casualwear, medicalwear, sleepwear, or workoutwear! Head logo is finely embroidered on the scrub top pocket and the upper leg of the scrub pant. Very sharp. Sizes XS-5XL.

    Tar Heels scrub set

    You may also purchase their scrub hats to match your Gelscrub set. Tri-color woven label with brushed poplin fabric with adjustable tie that one size fits all.

    Scrub hat

    If you would like a special college or university that you do not see on our website, email us at info@fancyscrubs.com and we will get it up within 24 hours for you to order. We will be adding the kids line as well and tops and bottoms seperately.

  81. The Magic’s In You

    holiday scrubs

    The Holidays were approaching My blood pressure was up. No one was happy, Not even the pup.

    I felt pressured and frantic; Had not started the baking. Worst of all was the state Of the things I was making.

    I need gifts by the dozen To find, wrap and label. That doesn’t included mailings Or decorating or table.

    My breathing got rapid, My pulse started pounding; I stopped for a minute, A small voice was sounding.

    “Be aware of your needs, Start to feel all your feelings; Nurture yourself and eat well, You need balance for healing.”

    “Accept what is Present, Let go of the Past; You’re important as well, Don’t put yourself last.”

    Look over your duties, Keep what’s important to you; Tamper with traditions In the celebrating you do.

    Look carefully with Love, Gratitude’s a must. If you look at what’s missing, Then your attitude – adjust.

    Reach out to others, Be supportive and kind. The Peace in your Soul Will bring Peace of Mind.

    Use your Heart as a guide, And just stop to listen. Awake, Breathe, Create, The Magic will glisten.

    Love’s not in the package, The lights or the toy, It’s in Peace and in Kindness, Smile – You’ll find JOY!

    © 1997 All rights reserved. Lynn Durham, writer, speaker, well being coach. Programs on Stress Hardiness, Relaxation, Optimism and JOY in the journey. If you have a story, poem, or idea about a heartwarming tale or creative way to celebrate the holidays etc., please send it to Lynn for possible inclusion in her book - Holiday Magic, Being Santa Claus for Yourself and JOY to Your World. www.lynndurham.com

  82. Friday, December 17, 2010 is National Free Shippping Day and

    Fancy Scrubs.com is Particpating!

    No Minimum Orders required all day Friday, December 17.

    Free Shipping Day

    It's also the last day to order to have holiday delivery by December 24

  83. Plus Size Clothing for Nurses

    I am a nurse, and I’m on the plump side. It’s not that I have an extreme love for food, but rather that our family is simply blessed with more flesh than others. But I have no weight issues. I love dressing up and my weight does not bother me. The problem with this, though, is that is it’s difficult to find something that would perfectly fit me. And that’s the dilemma I have - I am a nurse. I want something beautiful on me even if they are just simple scrubs, and I need 2X sized scrubs.

    Plus Size Nursing Scrubs How hard can that get? I thought. I’m not asking for heaven on earth. I mentioned this woe to a friend, a big girl just like me. Luckily she knew a place, according to her, that would put an end to my worries. She told me about fancyscrubs.com. True enough, there was an array of categories to choose from and up to size 5X. They even had some unique prints. I was ecstatic. So, now you may say that’s the end of my problems. But did they really?

    Another worry arose when my friend invited me to her bridal shower, which had a lingerie theme. Before I could even think about it, she already told me that I couldn’t say no. She further said that if I even tried not to show up, she wouldn’t talk to me anymore. Whether she meant her threat or not, I didn’t want to disappoint her. It was her night after all. So my hunt for the perfect plus size lingerie gift was on.

    I scoured the department stores and lingerie shops in our city - but to my dismay I didn’t find anything in the right size. If I had my way, I would like to get her one of those sexy nightgowns, but it looked like they would all be too small for both me and my friend. I had been browsing for quite some time when I ended up at elingeriespot (a great place for plus size lingerie ) I thought at first that it would be just another lingerie shop with limited sizes. But as I browsed through it some more, I started to find some nice things in bigger sizes. They had plus size lingerie for sale. What’s more they had sizes up to 5X. So I browsed the plus size category to see if I could get what I was looking for. It was a complete online department store of lingerie. What caught my fancy was the silk chiffon tailored shirt. I checked if it was available. I was lucky and I ordered it right away. I also added to my cart the Smoothing Seamless Bra, for myself. It was the perfect plus size lingerie. I also found another great place to purchase plus size lingerie online with another Fancy name and ordered a gift.

    That day on my friend’s bridal shower, I showed up. My friend was so delighted to see me. I have to thank elingeriespot.com and FancyLingerieStore.com for making both me and my friend a happy woman. The bridal shower was a huge success.

  84. Nurses Shouldn't Get Colds - Right?

    Researchers have cataloged at least 101 rhinoviruses -- the viruses that cause most colds. At times, it seems there are almost as many myths surrounding all that sniffling and sneezing. According to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases these are some of the myths. "It's good to dispel these myths," says Jack M. Gwaltney Jr., M.D., a cold researcher and professor emeritus. Here are some myths as common as the common cold.


    Myth: Feed a cold, starve a fever. "This is one of those things that get passed down, much like a nursery rhyme. There's nothing to it, though," Dr. Gwaltney says. Drinking plenty of fluid is a good idea in either case, but feeding a cold will do nothing to make you feel better.

    Myth: You have to be run down to catch a cold. Being tired has no bearing. "We placed cold viruses in the nasal passages of more than 300 student volunteers over a 10-year period at the University of Virginia, and we found that regardless of how tired they were, 95 percent of them became infected and 75 percent got cold symptoms," Dr. Gwaltney says. "These were young, healthy people."

    Myth: Taking an antibiotic will make your cold shorter. Colds are caused by several categories of viruses, and antibiotics do nothing to viruses. These medications are used to treat bacterial infections, which sometimes can follow a severe cold of long duration. "If you've had a cold for eight, nine days and it's getting no better, I recommend seeing your doctor," Dr. Gwaltney says.

    Myth: Sleeping in a draft or exposure to cold weather can cause a cold. In order to catch a cold, you need exposure to one of the viruses that cause a cold; just being exposed to drafts or cold weather won't give you a cold. Cold weather, however, may decrease your resistance to fight off a cold if you are exposed to one.

    nursing scrubs

    Nurses can avoid catching a cold by washing their hands frequently and not touching their noses or eyes when in contact with someone. Nurses must also take time to drink plenty of fluids themselves as colds are infections of the mucous membranes of your nose and throat. Water also helps your body produce mucus. The mucus is used by your body to fight the cold by making your coughs more productive. Mucus present in your nose and throat help your body fight the cold by preventing additional impurities from making their way into your body.

    So before heading off to your next shift, make sure you have plenty of fluids to last you and take the time to drink them. Stay healthy this holiday season.

    If you have other suggestions for staying cold-free this season please comment here on our blog below.

  85. Clogs for Nursing

    We wanted to share some history on the clogs that nurses wear. We also wanted to provide you some information on our Cape Clog line that are still made in Sweden today like they were over 150 years ago. You can actually see them being made there on this video:

    fancy clogs

    A clog is a type of footwear traditionally worn by workers as protective clothing in factories, mines and farms. There are various types of clogs. Traditional clogs are shoes or sandals made predominantly out of wood, and are associated with the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Galicia, Lithuania and Sweden. They can also be a type of heavy boot or shoe with sides, uppers and typically thick wooden soles, and may have steel toecaps and/or steel reinforcing inserts in the undersides of the soles. A clog can also be a special kind of shoe worn while clog-dancing . They are similar to tap shoes, but the taps are free to click against each other, therefore producing a different sound than tap shoes. Today clogs also mean comfortable slip-on shoes. They are often made out of leather, but some clogs keep the bottom part out of wood. All-rubber clogs are often worn while gardening, because they can be easily hosed off and allowed to air-dry. Some clogs come with heels, and are usually distinguished from mules by their higher vamp.

    Swedish clogs became popular fashion accessories in the 1970s and 1980s for both sexes. They were usually worn without socks and were considered suitable attire for the avant-garde man. Based on the clog model, platform clogs or sandals often raised as high as 6 or even 8 inches right through between sole and insole, were another fashion of the 1980s and 90s in many western countries for women. This large mid layer was often made of solid cork, although some were merely of plastic with a cork covering. The sole, more often than not, was made of a light sandy-colored rubber. Some of the platforms of these clogs were encompassed about with a string-laced effect.

    In 2010, clogs returned to the fashion world, and were featured on the likes of Chanel's and Louis Vuitton's Spring / Summer 2010 catwalk.

    Cape Cod Clogs are handmade and individual. No one pair is exactly alike. That’s what makes them so special and beautiful. They also improve posture and increase your energy with wear. Try out a pair today and we’ll see why Oprah recommends these clogs in her December magazine. Check our guide to making these clogs last beautifully for years to come.

  86. Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Like to Dress Up As

    Doctors and/or Nurses

    Kids Sponge Bob Scrubs

    Children love to dress up as someone else which is why Halloween is a favorite holiday for most kids today. If your child sees you going to work every day in scrubs they would love to have a pair themselves to emulate you.

    1. Self-Confidence Playing dress up is a great way to boost self-confidence in a child because they learn that they can do a lot of things on their own. For instance, a child who puts on a Spiderman costume may pretend to be Spiderman and climb throughout the house and learn they can do more than they knew possible. Dress up is essentially role play, which is an activity used by a lot of therapists with children as well as adults. Children who role play a wide variety of roles gain confidence in themselves as they feel they are capable of accomplishing great things.

    2. Social Skills. If they kis can pretend to be someone else they will learn the social skills to do this. If they are a nurse taking care of a sick patient they will learn how to react to someone in pain and how to soothe them. They will also learn to say you’re welcome when thanked. They may also learn patience if they are pretending to help a sick person or someone who needs a lot of help walking.

    3. Creativity Children love dressing up as different human roles such as doctors and firemen. They can also pretend to be animals or cartoon characters like Scooby Doo. They can also explore their own personalities through costumes and pretending to be someone different through body language and voice changes. They can also sing like their favorite characters too.

    Feel free to share your photos here on our blog of your kids dressing up like doctors or nurses.

    Check our our great nephew with his Winnie the Pooh scrubs! See our latest selection of kids scrubs on the page for kids.

    childrens scrubs

    Do Your Kids Love to Dress Up Like You?

  87. Make Your Patients Smile with Scooby Doo Nursing Scrubs

    Scooby Doo has been around since 1969. The animated talking Great Dane dog along with 4 young adults has made audiences laugh since 1969. The infamous “Where Are You” call can still be heard today. Who could not forget the mysteries that they got involved in between their musical gigs? Through the years they have had 11 TV series along with movies, stage plays and video games.

    What patient in the hospital would not smile when seeing their nurse enter the room in cute Scooby Doo nursing scrubs? You could start singing “Scooby Where Are You?” to brighten their day. If they are a real Scooby enthusiast you could remind them of the characters Freddie, Daphne, Velma, Norville (Shaggy) who drove around in their Mystery Machine van. They always seemed to run into some form of a ghost or monster. And in the midst of it all Scooby is always looking for a Scooby snack. Children today are familiar with Scooby Doo as it still runs on TV, in movies and video games. Google this past year had the Scooby Gang logo featured on Halloween Day.

    Scooby Doo Nursing Scrubs

    So put on a Scooby nursing scrub and make your patients smile as you enter their room today!

  88. Gratitude In Our Awareness

    November is the month citizens of the United States celebrate the holiday Thanksgiving. Bringing awareness to things we are thankful for establishes a sense of good will and ushers in the remainder of the holiday season. For me, the warm fuzzies of family and friends take me back to a place in my childhood surrounded by parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.ThanksgivingToday, my grandparents are gone, and so is my father. I remember the last Thanksgiving we shared with dad. I wasn’t planning to spend it with dad and mom. Actually, my father had been very ill for over a year and my mother had arranged for constant care of him as she and my brothers were to travel 600 miles to my home and celebrate the holiday. My mom really needed the rest and a break from the care of my dad. He had been in a nursing home for a year, but my mom continued to spend fifteen to eighteen hours a day with him, ensuring every need was taken care of.

    Dad had actually gone to the nursing home the year prior, and I had traveled to Ohio . My brothers, mom, and I had prepared food and taken it to the nursing home and we had reserved a special room where the entire family could spend the afternoon sharing memories, taking pictures, and enjoying each other. We have some really nice pictures of the family with dad. I am grateful for those memories.

    So, forward to the last year I had my dad. Mom needed a break, and we had talked her into leaving dad for just a few days and traveling to see me at my home. I had gone grocery shopping and filled 2 carts with food. As soon as I entered my home with the food, I saw there were 6 messages on my phone. All the calls were from Ohio . My dad had taken a turn for the worse, and instead of the family traveling to North Carolina , I went home. We spent Thanksgiving with dad as a family, and the last time I saw dad, I told him I was leaving to go back home for a few days but would return the next week. He had a tear flow down his cheek. Maybe he knew I wouldn’t see him again.

    Six years have passed since that Thanksgiving. My heart is full of gratitude for my parents and family. Awareness of gratitude is abundant during this time of year. However, the habit of gratitude is something we need to adopt all year round. Gratitude may not be something we automatically think of as important in the day to day hustle of our busy lives.

    One activity I that has become habit for me now, is to have a daily time when I stop and pay attention to my breathing. I find a time to relax in a comfortable position. I love to sit back in the recliner, and get totally comfortable. I then become aware of my breathing. Awareness to my in-breaths and my out-breaths is realized and I will continue this for a minute or two, allowing stressors and concerns of the day to leave. I will then bring to my remembrance something I have gratitude for. This has become habit for me. Not only has this caused me to have a definite time of relaxation with awareness to my breathing, but I am filled with gratitude for many things in my life on a daily basis and many days more often.

    This week take time to be more aware of your breathing, your surroundings and the things you have gratitude for. Then, allow it to become a part of you daily, and not just a season or month during the year. Notice the positive change this brings into your life. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be aware. Be grateful.

    be thankful

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN
    RN Health and Wellness Coach
    Certified Healthy for Life Team Leader
  89. 4 Reasons to Become a Nurse Today

    Why should a young person consider becoming a nurse today? Is it the same type of job as it was 30 years ago?

    Today nurses can get their degrees online and they have more options to get advances degrees than ever before.They can specialize in various nursing programs rather than just the general nursing degree. There are RN’s, LPN’s, CRNA’s, CNM’s, NP’s, etc. Not only are the new nurses getting Bachelor degrees, more are getting their Master’s and Doctorates as well.

    Some LPN’s are now delivering medications through IV’s which before was just the job of a registered nurse.  In some areas appropriately trained Registered Nurses are finding opportunities to prescribe certain medications, previously only the domain of the doctor.

    Nurses today also have to deal with more paper work and/or computer work than ever before. Many have to be trained with the new computer technology that must be done in conjunction with their work as the United States is going to computerized medical record keeping.

    Nursing Scrubs

    The number one reason today to become a nurse is the demand will increase as the aging population increases.They can not only work in hospitals but nursing homes, home care or be a travel nurse. They will have lots of choices as to where and when they work.

    The number two reason is the flexibility. One does not have to work 9-5 Monday through Friday. Many nurses can work part-time if they wish as they are raising their young families. Some work 12 hour shifts and only a few days a week.They can also choose which area of the country to work in and can move easily as work is available in most places compared to other vocations.

    The third reason would be the pay. More male nurses are emerging today as the pay for nurse’s is quite well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses earn an average of $17. 57 per hour and Registered Nurses earn an average of $27.54 per hour.

     So where can registered nurses make the most money, or at least stretch their salaries the farthest? According to Nurse Zone in terms of the highest average salaries for RNs, California lives up to its name as the Golden State, laying claim to four of the top five paying metropolitan areas in the country, based on data from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the top of the list is the San Jose area, where the average nursing pay is approximately $46 per hour, or $95,000 annually for nurses working full-time. While $95,000 may sound like a lot of money to a nurse in Phoenix who is making the regional average of $60,000 per year, the reality is that the two amounts are very comparable in terms of what lifestyle he or she can afford in these cities. One way to compare nursing salaries and affordability in several locations around the country is with some of the free tools you can find online, such as those offered by PayScale.

    It all comes down to the cost of living—which happens to be 55 percent higher overall in San Jose. Cost of living comparisons factor in the necessities such as housing, groceries, transportation, utilities and health care.

    And finally the number four reason to become a nurse today is most people want to become a nurse for the love of the job.They find helping sick people to be a very rewarding job that outweighs the stresses of the job.

    Can you tell us your reason for becoming a nurse or still being one today? We welcome comments here on our blog.

  90. Keeping Your Nursing Scrubs From Fading

    So you just purchased those new pairs of blue or red scrubs or maybe the new poppy colored scrubs and want to make the bold color last. How will you wash them?

    colorful scrubs

    Read the labels on them carefully. Most labels will recommend you wash your darks separately from light colors and in cold water. Ever wash a dark red garment with white and see the white turn to red or pink? Always wash the colors in cold water to prevent fading. Washing in cold water also prevents shrinking of your cotton scrubs. Turning the scrubs inside out will help reduce pilling which can dull the look of the scrub fabric. You continue to keep them inside out in the dryer or outside in the sun which can also zap their color quickly. Both washing and drying can be rough on your scrubs causing more wear and tear.

    Keep your laundry to small loads. Loading up the washing machine can also be rough on the fabrics and your washing machine as well. Some scrubs will not come as clean or have soap that is not evenly deposited throughout the wash cycle. The fabrics need to move freely about during the wash cycle. Washing on gentle and short cycle are some more ways to be sure your colors will not fade and last as long as they possibly can as well as preventing shrinkage.

    You may also use some special detergent such as Woolite, Dreft, Tide or Cheer Color Guard formulated to prevent colors from fading. (Find detergents that do not contain optical brighteners)

    Another way to prevent fading is to add vinegar to your wash. One cupful will help stop fading and also is a natural fabric softener. The smell will not be retained after washing your scrubs. The vinegar is to be added during the rinse cycle.

    And don’t forget the dryer. Over drying your nursing scrubs will also cause your colors to fade. You should remove them when they are slightly damp. If you hang them out to dry, remember the sun can bleach your colors over time. If you really love your color scrubs you can always brighten them up by re-dying them with fabric dyes.

  91. Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness

    Pink ribbons are universally known to be for breast cancer awareness. Do you know where this originated? It’s a rather complicated story. I researched several versions, and to the best of my knowledge, here it is!

    It seems that using ribbons to raise awareness of anything was started in 1979 when a woman named Penney Laingen tied yellow ribbons around trees in her yard. She did this to bring awareness to the fact that her husband had been taken hostage in Iran, and she was prompted to do this because of the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” which was released in 1973. That song was talking about women who wore yellow ribbons during the time of the U.S. Calvary when showing loyalty to an absent loved one being in the Calvary.

    Reading several accounts, it was in 1991 when Komen Foundation’s Race for The Cure, distributed pink ribbons to participants in the New York City Race.

    In 1992, a woman by the name of Charlotte Haley made thousands of peach colored ribbons to distribute, and brought attention to the huge cancer budget by The National Cancer Institute, and had found out only 5 percent of the $1.8 million dollars was actually going to cancer prevention.

    In that same year, Alexandra Penny, editor in chief of Self magazine, came up with an idea of distributing ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and thought cosmetics counters would be a great place to pass these out. She enlisted the help of Evelyn Lauder (VP of Estee Lauder), and together they approached Charlotte Haley about helping out. Ms. Haley had no interest in helping, so they went with the idea, but changed the color to pink. Later, the Komen Foundation wanted to trademark the pink ribbon, but was unable. Today, Komen uses a pink ribbon which appears to be running.

    In 1997, Paul Davidson launched the website www.pinkribbon.com, and further raised awareness with the idea of the pink ribbon. Later in 1997, a Dutch man by the name of Walter Scheffrahn established Pink Ribbon Inc. Popularity has grown exponentially every year and is now a global symbol.

    That was interesting research. Many steps to where we are today! Now clothing, stationary, pens, pencils, cars, and items too numerous to count can be found with the pink ribbon. I had so much fun exploring the uniforms, socks, and shoes on www.fancyscrubs.com.

    The site has so many great “pink” ribbon items. They are dedicating a portion of their profits for cancer causes. Please check out this great site!

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN is an Oncology Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach. Joyce provides education and workshops on a variety of subjects relating to the health and wellness of cancer patients and their families, as well as the general public. Joyce practices integrative care, which is adding (not replacing) integrative therapies to conventional medicine. She can be reached through her website at http://www.poweruphealthcoaching.com.

  92. Blogger Joyce Harrell RN, OCN

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN

    September is Ovarian Cancer Month. 

    According to http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/ovarian/  there are 21,880 projected new cases of ovarian cancer for 2010 and 13,850 projected deaths.  A direct quote from the same site supplies the definition of ovarian cancer as “cancer that forms in tissues of the ovary (one of a pair of female reproductive glands in which the ova, or eggs, are formed). Most ovarian cancers are either ovarian epithelial carcinomas (cancer that begins in the cells on the surface of the ovary) or malignant germ cell tumors (cancer that begins in egg cells).

    According to www.ovarian.org, this cancer affects women ages 35-74 and is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Also, it is estimated that one in 58 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. What has been so frustrating with this disease is there has not been a good screening tool available for this cancer, and early detection of this cancer is usually not the case. Some would advocate the tumor marker CA-125 as an early defining tool; however, conclusive data is not available. Currently an investigational study by M.D. Anderson is underway exploring Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer. Details of this study can be found at www.clinicaltrials.gov. Specific sites are still recruiting for this study. To access this specific study, and in the inclusion/exclusion criteria and available sites go specifically to the link:  http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT00539162.

    Several nice informational sites exist for more information on ovarian cancer. One site is www.ovariancancer.org. I found a nice glossary of terms, statistics, risk factors, and links to other resources. The American Cancer Society is always a reliable site for up to date treatment and information on any cancer. You can find information at www.cancer.org/cancer/ovariancancer/index.

    From the American Cancer Society, you can find information on risk factors. Areas of risk discussed are age, obesity, reproductive history, gynecologic surgery, fertility drugs, androgens, estrogen therapy, family history, and diet can be found in detail at: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/OvarianCancer/DetailedGuide/ovarian-cancer-risk-factors.

    Treatment for ovarian cancer can include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and in certain areas clinical trials may be available. Complementary and alternative therapies are also mentioned, but these have not been studied and proven safe in clinical trials.

    Complementary therapies are not advertised as cures, but can be used as supportive therapy. Such therapies help with relaxation, coping and sometimes pain. These therapies are range in modalities with examples of aromatherapy, music therapy, relaxation techniques, healing touch, reflexology, acupuncture, and even something as simple as peppermint tea for nausea.

    Hair loss is almost a certainty with most chemotherapy associated with ovarian cancer. Skin changes can also occur. One program I helped establish while a cancer center manager was a local Look Good Feel Better group. Any woman going through cancer treatment can attend this group. If you know of someone currently going through cancer treatment, they can find information on this at www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org. Locations near the patient can be found at this site. I highly recommend this group. A free makeup and skin care kit is given to the woman, along with instruction on using wigs and scarves. An online support group for breast and ovarian cancer patients can be found at www.sharecancersupport.org.

    For every pair of Clogs purchased between now and September 20, 2010, www.fancyscrubs.com will donate $10.00 each to girlygirlparts. This is a 5K Run/Walk event for Ovarian Cancer, supported by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Check out the Ovarian Butterfly Awareness Clogs at this link: http://www.fancyscrubs.com/product/13221133.

    Support is not only needed for the cancer patient, but for the caregiver as well. So whether you are a nurse who takes care of ovarian cancer patients, you are a caregiver, or close friend of an ovarian cancer survivor, take time to check out the different links here. You can also visit my site at www.poweruphealthcoaching.com for tips in nutrition and coaching that is available.

    Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN has been a registered nurse for over 20 years, and is an Oncology Certified Nurse, with experience as a cancer center manager. She is also a Health and Wellness Coach, with emphasis on nutrition, health modification behaviors and goal setting. 

  93. Blogger Lynn Durham,RN

    Dancing Gracefully Through Life

    Bully Behavior in Medicine?  
    by Lynn Durham, RN      
        All bullying behavior isn't relegated to the playground. All too often it's
    found in nursing(1) and when it's there, it creates problems, not only for the
    staff, but for patients as well including adverse events.(2, 3)  In nursing
    there are already plenty of issues that need to be handled. Why would we ever
    want to make more?

        Virginia gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond, MD(4) is attempting to shine a
    light on the research and importance of civility in the medical workplace. She
    is also giving some tips on how to change the culture and stop the bullying.

        Dr. Raymond cites three aspects of bully behavior: attack on competence and
    reputation, personal attack, or attack through work tasks. And why is it
    important to consider it? Studies have proven that when there are problems with
    staff interaction it translates into adverse events for the patient and low
    morale and increased staff turnover for the organization. Click on the links
    below that were cited above to see more.

        If you are someone who wants this bullying to stop at your work location,
    you have the Joint Commission behind you. They have zero tolerance for such
    behavior. (5) If it's physical call 911.

        Conflicts will occur. Unfortunately, many nurses would prefer to switch than
    fight. But it doesn't have to be a fight. It's not the conflict itself, but how
    it's handled that's important. If you can calm yourself, release defensiveness
    and be willing to enter a difficult conversation with patience and
    understanding, successes can happen. Even if it's just you knowing that you have
    spoken up with a confident voice.

        It may be difficult to admit that you might be the one exhibiting bully
    behavior. Be honest with yourself, if it's ever been you, make a commitment to
    stop right now.

        Dr Raymond recommends "curbing your docs," or anyone else for that matter.
    She points out that just like you cannot correct a puppy through official
    channels with a long delay, the bully behavior also has to be called to
    attention and stopped in the moment it occurs.  One of her suggestions was
    called "Code Pink," to describe an action of support that other staff members
    can take when a nurse is being put down by a physician. The nurse's associates
    would gather around and stare at the doctor. This action curbed that physician's
    rude behavior! Raymond suggests augmenting the effect by notifying the CNO
    afterwards, as approved by the JCAHO policies of zero tolerance.
        On the flip side, she reminds us "Resistance is futile. Non-resistance is
    fertile."  One of her tips of non-resistance is to repeat, "Tell me more." I've
    had the opportunity to watch it in action when I was helping to locate and set
    up Red Cross disaster locations. A man was very angry with something that the
    Red Cross had done in the past. My coworker and I just listened. We did not
    defend, we did not resist. We heard his anger and gave him our attention. It was
    amazing to me how it dissolved right before our eyes and we had a successful
    conversation and secured another emergency location.

        You'll never know until you test it in your life. I remember learning about
    the reflective technique in nursing school - repeating back your patients' words
    to draw them out. When we tried it on each other it sounded silly. It seemed so
    obvious to us that we "knew" our patients would notice what we were doing. They
    did not. They just continued to give further details and we heard a lot of
    information that we could have missed if we didn't reflect their last words back
    to them.

        We each have the opportunity to choose how we will live, no matter what's
    going on around us. The "they's" do not control our thoughts, our words or our
    actions, we do. And we are contagious. I encourage you to be deliberate on what
    you send out. Nurses are famous for their TLC for patients. Be willing to
    request and to share that same tender loving care with each other.
        At the end of the  repeated "tell me more," when their steam runs out, Dr.
    Raymond recommends that you ask: "What do you need?" or "What's missing for
    you?" You may be surprised at what happens.
    Let me know.
    Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces.

    Lynn Durham, RN is a well being coach, writing and speaking on mind/body/spirit
    wellness. To get information on having her write for or present to your
    organization you can contact her at 603-926-9700 or smile@lynndurham.com. Sign
    up for her e letter at www.lynndurham.com
    Did you know that 5 minutes of remembering anger can depress your immune
    functioning for up to 6 hours?
    What you think is very important and your well being coach says, "You're One
    Thought Away From Feeling Better!"

    Lynn Durham, RN Well Being Coach

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  94. Walk for the Cure!

    August 14, 2010: If you haven't been to our site lately, you have missed many new additions.  We have added to our mens department as well as our new Team Scrubs, MLB and NFL.  We also have added Studio B - Boutique by Cherokee including petite scrub pants.

    We also have included the You Tube video for GirlyGirlParts. Please check it out on our homepage and we are still collecting for every clog purchase.

    ovarian butterfly clog

     July 17, 2010:  Walk for the Cure! FancyScrubs.com announces for every pair of clogs purchased between today and September 20, 2010, $10 per pair will be donated to the GirlyGirlParts (Pre-screening Awareness Required To Silence Ovarian Cancer) 2nd Annual 5K run/walk being held on September 25, 2010 Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, MA.     

    The event is open to the public and is designed to help raise awareness and research funds for a reliable early screening test for ovarian cancer. 

    Jill Di-Tommaso and Laura Smith, both Sandwich residents founded Girlygirl P.A.R.T.S in 2009.  The women were moved to create the organization after Di-Tommaso, who is in her early 40’s, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after seeing her doctor for a routine visit in February, 2008.  “My case illustrates how ovarian cancer symptoms are truly ‘silent’ and emphasizes the need for a reliable screening test.”

    All proceeds from the 5K Run/Walk will go directly to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute specifically for ovarian cancer pre-screening research.

    The success of the foundation’s first event underscores the overwhelming need for public events in support of ovarian cancer awareness and research.  There are only 119 organizations nationwide dedicated to ovarian cancer while there are 1,700 organizations nationwide dedicated to breast cancer awareness and fundraising.  Approximately 26,000 new cases of ovarian cancer each year, among those, roughly 16,000 will die of the disease. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

    FancyScrubs.com features the Clogs for a Cure on their website along with Cape Clogs in variety of prints and colors to go with their nursing scrubs.

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